Merchant Advertiser; A Glimpse at the Sole Fitness Program

Affiliate Marketing

Three years ago, Sole Fitness elected to pull its performance marketing program in-house due to pressure from some of its larger independent affiliate partners. They decided to develop their own tracking and billing platform, as they wanted stronger relationships with a select group of affiliates.

After some time, the Sole team began to feel the concept wasn’t working as they expected, the tracking wasn’t always accurate, and the workload was too significant for its small group.

In February of this year, Sole decided to return to AvantLink so they could capitalize on our expertise and program management offerings. They streamlined the program and freed up employees’ for other tasks in coming back to the network.

After returning to AvantLink, they are now celebrating a reduction in costs and an increase in performance. They have been impressed with AvantLinks’ responsiveness, knowledge of the industry, and the mindfulness to understand what sole Fitness is trying to accomplish with performance marketing.

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