The Value of the FrieNDA

Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you likely know that an NDA is a Non-Disclosure Agreement. These are generally legally binding documents that both parties sign to be able to share information without the fear of that information being spread to outside parties.

But have you ever heard of a FrieNDA? 

FrieNDAs are used a lot by my circle in affiliate marketing. As a lawyer, I am compelled to tell you that they are not usually binding. But that doesn’t mean that they do not serve a purpose and shouldn’t be used.

A FrieNDA is invoked when you want to have a serious conversation with someone about issues that pertain to your business and your expectation is that the other person does not share them. It is more than a casual conversation. You may need advice or help. Or you may just have really big news that can’t be shared yet but you have to share it with someone.

When I had my Mastermind Group with Eric and Todd (that eventually turned into Wine Club Group), we had a blanket FrieNDA that everything we discussed about our businesses in our weekly calls was not to be shared. This allowed us to openly share data, strategies, and even struggles without fear that the others in the group would spread that information.

Conversely, I will often have one-off conversations with friends that start with “this is FrieNDA information” or “I need this to be covered by our FrieNDA.” We both acknowledge that and understand that whatever is said can’t be shared with anyone–even our mutual friends–no matter what. It’s more than a promise. It’s an understanding that the information being shared with you is so sensitive to the other person’s business that spreading it could damage them.

Now, we do sometimes jokingly bring up the FrieNDA after some cocktails and karaoke as a reminder that photos and video should be kept private. But the true value of the FrieNDA is when you can trust someone and value their opinion enough to share with them and know that your business is safe. 

Do you ever invoke FrieNDAs for the sake of your business? In what circumstances?

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