New Merchants for August

Affiliate Marketing

Happy Hippo Herbals has reopened our Affiliate Program. Our commission is the highest you can find in the Industry and our Kratom products sell REALLY WELL. We are dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind Kratom experience by offering a wide array of veins and strains to choose from, 20+ years of employee Kratom experience, and the best customer service in the industry. 10% commission • 365 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Katabatic Gear originated in 2009 out of Aaron Martray’s desire to create a warm, light, sleeping experience using quilt-style sleeping bags, known today as simply, quilts. Katabatic’s intentional design approach began, and moves forward with, some key tenets in mind such as draft control, lightweight durable construction, and simplicity. Katabatic facilitates positive front and backcountry adventures by providing quilts and other backcountry gear that revolve around sleep, that time of rest during a trip that sets the tone for the overall experience. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Ranger Ready Repellents mission is to stem the alarming increase of vector-borne diseases in the United States by encouraging the proper use of safe and effective repellents. Our bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable, our fine mist sprays work upside down, and our products use premium ingredients including fragrance and the only completely scentless bug spray. This, combined with a non-greasy, effective formula that won’t damage clothing or gear, has allowed Ranger Ready to create a superior experience surrounding the use of repellents necessary for everyone who enjoys the outdoors to use.

10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Established in 2017, inQue.Style is a manufacturer and online distributor of the on-trend and creatively crafted inQue products. We are also a distributor of a large assortment of designer clothing and fashion accessories. We unite eye-catching art, creativity, and Interest-based expression into the framework of every inQue designed product. Our products embody vibrant color and bold design creating a blend of style that can be easily incorporated into unique personalities and lifestyles.

10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

The Bastion Bolt Action Pen team is passionate about our partnerships. Our approach to affiliate marketing is very simple – we seek to create value for you and your members! We’ve created general offers and program terms, but we recognize your users are unique. At Bastion we feel strongly about delivering the tools you need to be successful and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to affiliate marketing. We strive to personalize our program and partnerships, so let us know what you need to be successful. We hope to co-develop unique, custom and exclusive offerings.

10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Shoclef started in Asia by providing ecommerce services through live broadcasting of the latest products and fashion for luxury brands. Since then, we expanded our ecommerce availability worldwide to more than 150 countries. Shoclef Gold offers discount designer apparel, fashion, and beauty for men and women. Categories include dresses, jeans, men and women footwear, handbags and wallets, men dress shirts, skincare, cosmetics, jewelry, jackets, and more!

6% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Introducing a new innovation in transportation. The all-new electric scooters from Charged by Hixon are revolutionary in design and made for eco-conscious customers looking for the premium way to travel in 2021. 5% commission • 120 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

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