How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing FAST (Your First Steps to Your First $1000)

Affiliate Marketing

So you’re ready to get started with affiliate marketing. How do you start FAST? How do you decide to start on Monday and be up and running by Friday? Today, I’ll show you how.

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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing FAST (Your First Steps to Your First $1000)

So this episode is all about how to get started in affiliate marketing fast, your first steps to your first $1,000. I’m going to jump right in. I’m literally just going to get right into this because this is gonna be an awesome episode, I think I’m super excited to share this because I’ve never shared a lot of this before.

Those of you who know me well, I’ve been around for a while. I love acronyms, acronyms, alliteration, and alacrity, which in and of itself is a kind of an acronym. It’s AAA.

It’s Alliteration in and of itself. Three A’s there, but the word alacrity is actually one of my dad’s favorite words. He just loved the word alacrity rather than saying extreme happiness. He would say alacrity. So we got acronyms, alliteration, and alacrity are kind of my three tenants, my three pillars of good copywriting and good content.

And we’re going to be using an acronym fast today, F A S T and naturally we’re starting with the F in this acronym, which is to find programs more accurately. Find a program, find one program. Now I’m not, I’m not saying you only have to promote that one for months. All right. But we’ll go find one and then we’ll talk about it.

We’ll sign up. We’ll get those links. We’ll figure out a promo for it. Do that. Now are in fact I’m cool with it. If you press pause, I’m cool. If you press pause, don’t try to find a bunch of affiliate programs. Don’t try to get a list of 10 and make this perfect. Go find one, go find one. In fact, press pause. If you’re driving, that would be kind of weird. You can keep listening I guess, but go find one program. There you go. You found one program, right?

I want to get something set up quickly. We’re going to take fast action. The old Facebook motto, right? Move fast and break things, move fast and break things. That’s what we’re going to do. So I just don’t want you to be intimidated. I want, I don’t want you thinking, oh, I’ll go to go find 20 programs before I can start. No, you’re going to start quickly. You’re going to start quickly. So I want to share with you five places to find affiliate programs real quick, starting with number one, the company website. You go to the website of the company that you want to promote.

You press command F I don’t know what that is on a windows control. I think we control F whatever you’re using type the word, affiliate type word, referral, type, the word partner, the word program. If you can’t find something with those four, they probably don’t have an affiliate program, but go to the, go to the search feature, go to the search feature and look for the word affiliate partner.

See what you can find right there. Sometimes they don’t have a link, but they have maybe an FAQ link and one of their frequently asked questions is, do you have an affiliate or referral partner program? Go look that up in their FAQ, go look it up and if that fails, just contact them, reach out to their support team. There’s a chance they might have one. They just don’t make it public. In fact, they kind of for you to actually to have to reach out to them. I get that right.

There’s value to that actually, because quite frankly, it kind of, means you’re a little bit more qualified, a little bit more qualified because we didn’t just make this easy for you. We didn’t just make that easy for you. So go to their company website, see if you can find it. Secondly, Google, Google the name of the company and then the words affiliate program, you might find their affiliate program page there.

All right. The other thing you can do is if you’re not sure what product to promote, you go to Google and see what rates, well, see what rates, while there it’s a great way. Affiliate networks, affiliate networks, as the third way to find affiliate programs, are very simple. You go to affiliate networks and you’ll look up and see who’s in such and such niche, right? Oh, I’m looking for something to promote.

That’s in the productivity and its boom, here’s a list of four companies that are in the productivity and it’s, I’m looking for something that’s in the natural healing niche. Boom, here’s five companies in the natural healing niche and these affiliate networks, they work, right. They work now. One of the benefits of the affiliate program is they get exposure to you. It’s really easy for you to find them and they get exposure to you for you. It’s a little bit, it’s a little bit more trustworthy, maybe it’s a small company and you’re like, well, I don’t know about promoting these small companies because are they going to pay me on time? You know, things like that or they get is the tracking gonna work.

You can trust them because they’re on the network, you have the backing of the network whether it be Sheriff’s sale or whether it be ClickBank or impact or commission junction, doesn’t matter. You have the backing of that network and that’s super powerful. The thing is that you’re going to be taken care of by the network. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to get paid, whether or not tracking is going to work all of those things and I highly recommend Sheriff’s sale.

Sheriff’s Hill’s a great one, commission junctions and other ones, CJ, I don’t have a ton of experience with them, but I’ve heard good and bad things about them and it is what it is. But like I said, also ClickBank is another one as well. Fourth is to ask, ask people, Hey, what programs are you promoting? What’s converting. What programs do you promote for good companies that are treating your customers?

Well, what companies, you had good experiences with their affiliate manager and then you follow these other steps. So you can just go look up their affiliate program or you can ask for a referral. Hey, would you introduce me to the affiliate manager? I’d love to promote them. I think they’d be a good fit for my, for my audience. Then fifthly hit them up on social media. Just say of all about social media. It’s actually the very first affiliate program that I ever did for Mattmcwilliams dot com outside of Amazon was Michael Hyatt’s five days to your best year ever.

It all happened because I tweeted Michael, he had the course five days, your best year ever and I was like, Hey, do you have an affiliate program? And he said, yup. I do shoot an email to this. We’ll get you set up. We’ll get you set up. So those are five ways to find these affiliate programs.

So F is Find. Find a program. The a is apply and get accepted. You’re going to have to apply to most programs unless somebody you’re going to have to at least fill out the application. But that’s only the beginning. One of the biggest problems I see, with brand new affiliates and even people who’ve been around for a little while, is getting accepted.

If you’ve got a hundred thousand Facebook fans or you’re known, yeah, you’re going to get accepted. You’ve got a popular website, easy to get accepted. But what if you don’t, what if you’re not in that crowd that is just like everybody wants you, you’re applying to affiliate programs and you’re finding it hard to get accepted. What do you do?

I’m going to show you how to virtually guarantee acceptance here. Number one, you got to go deep on your application, right? You got to go deep on your application. One of the things that makes this effective is a lot, a lot of affiliate managers, quite frankly, just don’t have a lot of time. When I see an application, that’s like, how are you going to promote? And they go on my website. I’m like on my three words, really? You put three words. I look at these applications and I’m kind of making a snap judgment. Do I need to dig in more or not? Do I need to possibly not accept this affiliate? So again, I’m talking about especially bigger programs when I was getting a hundred applications a day.

So when I want an affiliate manager of the year, back in 2010, my first one, that Christmas season, I was getting about a hundred applications a day to our affiliate program and I would look at things like we were on a network. So I could look at things like what’s their reputation. Do they have a reputation score? Do I know this person?

So if I know them, boom, except I would look at things like, what country are they in? Now his is controversial. But the instance of fraud in the affiliate world is significantly higher in Eastern Europe. It is significantly higher in China. That is a proven fact. All right. If you are in China, if you were in Eastern Europe, I am going to be more diligent in my review of your application. If you’re in Nigeria, like the Nigerian prince scam, I’m going to be more diligent. Those are just facts. I hate that. It’s that way. I mean, judge me, whatever. I’m just telling you the way it is in the affiliate world.

So we would be a little bit more diligent in how we would review those. So I would look at those things. I would take a quick look at their website. Okay. Is their website just totally this was back in 2010 but does it look like it came from 1998? Probably not a good fit. Does their website have any new content while they’re less blog posts were published in 2019? That’s a problem.

I’m looking at all these factors and I’m making a quick decision, but here’s the thing. If you write a long application, if you go above and beyond, then when I look at this, I go, yeah, they’re probably not trying to hide from anything that they’re probably legit and I make a quick decision to not do a whole lot of digging.

So when I say share some demographic information, then I want you to be specific. Like I write to 35 to 55-year-old men who are professionals, executive professionals who struggle with finding the balance between work and life, who struggled to find time with their family and here are the things, their interests, they watch these TV shows and blah, blah, blah. Like here’s my avatar, right? Here’s my avatar. Don’t just answer the question. They ask, answer the two or three underlying questions that you think they’re asking.

You also want to reach out, reach out to them. Okay. So the first thing was to go deep than reaching out, proactively reach out. Don’t just fill out the application. This is a part of going above and beyond here. This is about you’re showing excitement. You’re going deep. You reach out to them. So when you apply, they’ll just fill out the application. It’s like applying for a job. I don’t know if you know this, but job applicants do not get accepted from job applications.

I have hired hundreds of people. I mean probably close to 200 people. Now over the last 16 years, I’ve never once hired somebody from an application. I hired them because of a relationship or because they showed me they were willing to go to that next step. Every job I ever got was because I reached out via email. I didn’t fill out an application.

I did not fill out an application. I remember I would use to read these things and it would say no phone calls, please. You know what I did? I called them. Those are the people, I got job offers from. I remember one year there was this company I was, I was interested in working for and I saw this ad on LinkedIn and I clicked on the ad. I was like, well, I can follow this application, or I can call the person. Well, I don’t have their number. How do I find this the first time I did some sleuth? I looked it upon.

Eventually, I found her phone number. I picked up the phone, she answered and I was like, Hey, I just saw your LinkedIn ad. We need to talk. We need to talk. She was looking for an affiliate manager. She was blown away. Three days later, I got a massive offer from them. Like more than I at that time could have ever dreamed of. I didn’t go to work for them. There’s another reason for that.

But this works. So if you reach out, I’m probably going to accept you. I’m probably going to accept you because this shows that you’re legit and you want to me the merchant grow. So I’ve got some email templates. All right, these are going to boost your acceptance rate. Virtually guarantee that you get accepted. If you want to get a copy of these,

I’ll show the URL in a moment. But this is basically showing that you’re eager to be a part of the program, proves that you’re not a scammer. You’re not some sort of spam out there. As I said, they hide in the shadows. They don’t send emails like this. So you send a quick email and just say, thanks.

Hey, and then you find out the affiliate managers, first name, hopefully, if Lisa is an individual, not a team, if it’s a team, then just, Hey, Hey, such and such affiliate team. I just wanted to say, thanks for letting me apply for your affiliate program. I’m super excited to be a part of it and get started promoting the product or company name.

If you have any questions about my site, my audience, et cetera, feel free to ask. Can’t wait to hear back and get things going signature, right? God shows you’re legit. Anybody who’s ever sent me, basically that email I have accepted scammers. Don’t send that email. I mean, maybe they do now because I’m telling them to send this email, but they don’t send that email. Again, you can, if you go to Mattmcwilliams dot com forward slash Quickstart can download the guide and it’s got this, these email templates I want to share with you today in there. So what do you do if you’re declined? because this aim here is to get accepted, right? We’ve got to apply and get accepted.

The goal here is you want to show effort. You want to maybe get on a call with them. You want to just like, Hey, I know you declined me, but I’d love to change your mind. I’d love to tell you more about my business, more about my website. So it’s just,

Hey, I just saw that I was declined for your affiliate program. Could we hop on a quick call? I’d love to see if I could change your mind or at least understand why I was declined. Thanks a bunch. If nothing else you’ll learn. The reason why you’re declined is that your website sucks. Okay? The reason why you’re declined is that you have offensive language on your website.

Okay? I know now. If I want to promote this, then I can’t have offensive language on my website. Cool or I don’t need to apply to companies like this. I’m going to go promote somebody else. If they’d say no, like, no, I don’t know. I’m willing to get on a call with you.

Do you don’t want to work with them anyway? You don’t want to work with them. Anyway, when you are accepted, the goal here is to like your goal here is to just stand out. Part of it is like you’re getting on the affiliate manager’s radar. Like we don’t get emails like this. So when we do, we remember who sent them, we remember the emails, right?

It reinforces the fact that like, Hey, I’m serious. I want to get your top tips. So you just say, Hey, just wanted to say, thanks for accepting me into your affiliate program. I’m stoked to get started. Quick question. What are your top three tips for new affiliates? Thanks so much.

That’s it? How cool is that? How cool is that? So we send those emails. We get, we apply. We get accepted. If there’s not an affiliate program, I’ve got an email template in that guide as well in There’s an email template in there. If there’s not an affiliate program, I’ve had a pretty good rate of reaching out to the company.

I’ve probably reached out to, I don’t know, dozens of companies over the years, most of them have started in affiliate programs just because I wanted to promote them. Or I was reaching out on behalf of a friend. This email template works and the cool thing is if they don’t have an affiliate program right now, then you’re their first affiliate. So you’re their only affiliate and they’re going to treat you amazing. So the F remember, find a program, apply, and get accepted.

The S is to strategize, to strategize. Here’s the thing. You got to have some strategically as George W. Bush would say, you gotta have some strategic, some strategy. You need a plan. You need to play an ongoing all-in.

You need to go all-in on your promotions. That’s the thing we noticed about the top affiliates. Not, not the top affiliates who win because they got big lists, not even the top affiliates. Because they were super special and had an amazing social media following.

I’m talking about the affiliates that outperformed their list size. These are the affiliates that had 8,000 people on their list and they finished above people with a hundred, 200,000 people on their list. Mike Kim beating Jeff Walker. This is me winning this self-publishing school launch about seven years ago.

This is me finishing in third place in the best year ever affiliate promotion. This is Matthew Luma’s finishing in second place in the TRIBEr writers promotion. This is Heidi easily finishing in third place in the tribe promotion this year, right? The thing they did is they went all in.

They treated affiliate promotions like their own promos. They planned for them. They plan for them. They created these irresistible offers with great bonuses. They didn’t shy away from telling people about them. In other words, they promoted big time. They promoted big time. That’s something a lot of people they’re scared of. They fear, right? Oh, I’m going to,

I want to sell and want to promote something heavily. But what if I told you this was actually the best way to serve your audience? Affiliate marketing is based a lot less on list size. So based a lot less on following more on the passion, more on the strategy. I mean, I can think of tons of examples.

I mentioned Matthew Lumas, Mike, John Meese comes to mind, Angie Mroczka.  They didn’t have big lists, but they committed to going all in. They were, they were passionate about the products they promoted and so they created a winning strategy that had them all in these, these all in strategies.

They often made them more money in a couple of weeks than they had made the like previously made the entire year and the thing is I’ve found about going all in. If you go all-in versus half in its twice as much work, but you get four to 10 times the results. That’s pretty cool. That’s good, like, that’s a good ROI, right? Because what happens is your audience sees, they see you, they see how passionate you are about a product, how invested you are in that product’s success.

They’re not going to be turned off. Some people think that like, I’m going to be turned off. Like, you know, really? No, just because you’re enthusiastic. They’re not going to be turned off. They’re gonna be drawn to, they’re gonna be drawn to you. They’re gonna be drawn to the product.

The second thing that they did and want to do in your, in your strategic session here is look for the gaps. This is a common pattern we found in successful affiliates. Marketers who didn’t have huge audiences is that they looked for the gaps. They looked at the product, they studied the product, right? They studied the offer. They studied marketing.

They studied what other affiliates were doing. They looked for the gaps. What do I mean by gaps here? Right? A gap simply means something is missing that could enhance the offer. Could be that there’s a missing piece to the promo plan. It could be that there there’s an awesome bonus that you can offer that helps someone decide to buy, could be just doing a thorough review of a product.

It could be running ads to an offer. I mean like the list goes on and on. Right? I think of John Meese, I mentioned a moment ago, he was promoting Ray Edwards, the covering academy and copywriter cabinets, a copywriting course and he saw a gap in Ray’s marketing specifically to his audience who was bloggers, right? So he created his own marketing materials to warm his audience up, get them to the point where Ray’s marketing could take over and be effective. He filled those gaps. We fill those gaps. He was one of our top 12 or 13 affiliates.

His list was like a 30th, the size of anybody else in the top 15 Mike Kim, who actually the next year after John, won Ray’s affiliate competition, had the smallest audience of anyone in the entire top 10 and he was number one, did something similar. He saw a gap in marketing. He had people in his audience, they wanted to know his takeaways. So he created these videos, discussing res PDFs and marketing videos, shared his takeaways, invited his audience to share theirs. The engagement he had during that launch was unreal. Made them more receptive to raise marketing and also help Mike.

He connected with his TRIBEr on this whole new level, which we’ll talk about that in a moment. But I mean, I’ve seen people just looking for these gaps, right? They look for the gaps, they find the gaps, they fill the gaps, they offer bonus packages. They run ads. They target specific audiences like so many other ways.

This works, this works. One of the best examples that come to mind. There’s a lady named Maria. She’s one of our students and she was promoting a product for aspiring photographers and I told her to find the gaps, find the gaps. Right? What she noticed was that everyone promoting this product was male. All the marketing was geared towards male males and then guilt geared towards males, but geared towards males, not surprising, right? Like the product, the creator was a man.

He didn’t want it to be this way though. It was just a by-product of who was promoting it and how they were doing it. So she created some female-centric marketing. She put together a bonus guide for female photographers and offered a bonus workshop specifically for women.

She knew that like you got female photographers, right and she’s trying to attract a female audience. They needed to do their marketing differently. Now I’m a dude. When I go in for a photoshoot, I want to take four shirts, not 12. They’re going to make me wear 12. Like you tell me where to stand, how you want me to look, take the pictures and I’m done like seriously, I go in.

Because like we do these all once a year it’s like, okay. Point left with one finger point left with two fingers. Point up with one point up with two-point down, smile, look serious, hands on your hips. Look to the left, look to the right.

I want to, how can I get this done in less than two hours? Like just tell me what to do, where to stand, and what to do and I’m good. But with a woman it’s more of an experience is what Maria said. They need the photographer to tell them things like you look beautiful in that blouse.

These are his, her, her words, not mine, right? For a female audience. Like you might want to offer a glass of wine. You make it into an experience. This is not about getting in and out. It’s more about the experience and Maria knew that. So she created this bonus guide. And in these bonus workshops specifically for women within six months, she was the number one affiliate for that program. By far, she did six figures in affiliate commissions.

One of our most successful students in her first year, she had a list less than 20% of the competition, a list of fewer than 2000 people and she was making just on that program. 2000 people, she’s a little bit over 2000, she’s around 3,500 now.

But at that time, when she first hit six figures a year in commissions, she had a list of fewer than 2000 people. Hundred thousand dollars from less than 2000 people in affiliate commissions because she looked for the gaps. Yeah. I found this. There’s a, I won’t say the name, but there was a course. I was promoted a few years ago and I found this huge gap.

If you Google the name of this course, there were no reviews, nothing to talk about. What was good? What was bad? What was ugly? All that stuff, right? Nothing to say, okay, this is who it’s for who? It’s not for nothing to let folks know that someone else believed in the product. There were no reviews, no reviews and with no reviews, everyone lost the customer loss because she didn’t get what she needed. Right. Her doubts were not addressed. So she missed out on this life-changing course, the course creator, lost cause he missed sales. So I created this review. I took the course. I walked people through it. I gave an honest review.

I’ve shared the good and the bad. I gave a detailed outline of the course. I actually did such a good job. I remember there are a couple of comments that said your review does a better job of selling them on the course or on the course. Then, then their own sales page does other words they were saying, my marketing was better than the product creators marketing.

I also offered some amazing bonuses to supplement the course and so I kind of developed this process for writing a review post, write a product review post. If you want to get that review post, just go to Mattmcwilliams dot com forward slash review post. And I’ll link to that in the show notes, you can download the, I actually walk you through all the stuff, the SEO, the setup of the post, and all that stuff. But the result of this for me was that every month I was getting a couple of thousand bucks in passive income, just from that one gap, I spotted that one gap, one gap, and the cool thing about reviews. You know, I’m looking for gaps right there. Isn’t it, there’s a gap there.

It doesn’t require a list. Doesn’t require any traffic at all to begin with. So look for the gaps, fill the gaps and enjoy the rewards from that. So go all in, go all in, look for the gaps and create a promotion plan. Okay. This is one of the single most important things you can do in your promotion. It’s like the secret to doing all affiliate promotions is to have a plan.

All right, just have one. Don’t try to wing it. Trust me. I’ve done the wing, the wing option and I’ve done the plan option and like the plan option always works. Like you might be one of those people. You’re like me. It kind of got a little bit of a messy desk. You think you work better in chaos.

If you know the disc profile, right? I’m a high D I, which means I’m driven. I’m determined. I’m a people person. I’m a party looking for a place to happen. I got none of the S and the C on the controlling side, like the CPAs, the spray. I love spreadsheets, right? Nope. I hate those things.

But I found that I have more creativity and structure. I have more creativity and freedom and so when I give myself the plan, it allows me to be creative with things like content. I come up with creative ideas to execute the plan. And I’ve just found that it’s a lot easier to be creative when you have a plan than it is to start from zero each day.

Create a plan based on the calendar, create a plan to warm up your audience, start the promotion, and finish strong. If you want to know what that looks like, just go to Mattmcwilliams dot com forward slash promo plan. We’ve got a sample promo plan there based on hundreds of affiliate promos. I’ll put that link in the show notes, download the promo plan and then tweak it to fit your next promo and you can just, it’s a Google sheet. Just keep boom, boom. Just tweak it every time. Copy tweak it. Oh, it’s a two-week promo. Okay. We’ll do the three-week promo. Okay.

Do this as a wondering promo, tweak it, follow the plan, but create the plan first and then the last T. So again, we’ve found a program we’ve applied to and got accepted and we’ve strategically realized now it’s time to test, test test. I say it three times because it’s that freaking important? This is one of the single biggest differentiators between good marketing and bad marketing. I cannot tell you how many times I thought I had, like, I got some good marketing here, right? Like, and is, this is a home run idea and then it completely flopped. I can’t tell you how many times I thought, well, this email sucks, but I kind of have to send it and then it turned out to be amazing or how many times?

I mean, I’m wrong half the time, at least what AB testing. I pick a B wind. I pick B winds. I pick red blue winds. I pick blue, green winds. Like it doesn’t matter. Right. You have to be willing to try new things and fail. So split tests, test new products, test different. Like, what are you promoting? What kind of products are you promoting? What kind of price points are you promoting?

What kind of discounts are you promoting? You know, like it’s a thousand-dollar course. So what’s better at 20%, 20% off for $200 off. I don’t know, test different bonuses, test different emails, copy landing pages, test different ads.

Like just test, test, test, test, everything you can possibly think of. So we covered the F in this fast acronym, find a program, the, a apply, and get accepted. The S you gotta strategize. You gotta come up with a strategy and T you gotta test, test, test. As I said, test everything you can possibly think of from promotion to promotion during promotion, all that stuff. Right? Try different styles of the quest you know, of like of subject lines. Use a question, use a statement, send different times all that stuff. Test, test tests. That’s how you get started in affiliate marketing facets. You’re listening to the severe listen is the day this comes out. It’s for two days. You could be doing your first promotion on Friday.

Getting started with an affiliate. The flea market has never been easier. I am living proof on Tyree. Now, if I can do it, anyone can do it. You’ve got to take this first step, right? You gotta do the F you gotta go find the program. You’ve got to apply and get accepted. Create a strategy, a promo plan, go download the promo planning guide.

You got to go all-in, right? And you got to test. Now in the next episode, I’m going to share some affiliate marketing sales secrets. We’re going to talk about how to sell without being salesy, scammy, or sleazy, but for now, if you’re ready to take the next step to check out no product, no problem. We actually opened it up to the public for the first time.

It’s been almost a year since we opened it up to the public is completely updated and redesign for 2021. The course has been around for years, and we took it, I’ve been in this business for 16 years. Now. We took 16 years of experience. Plus the lessons that we’ve learned from literally hundreds of thousands of affiliates, and we put it into this easy-to-follow system.

So this is not a theoretical course. It’s not a course that gives you all the information about affiliate marketing in the world. It’s a proven system to get started with affiliate marketing, right? You get to, you get to get started quickly. You get to not make all the mistakes, not lose the money that I did. So you get to monetize your platform quickly.

So you can actually become profitable and scale your business in the next couple of weeks. So you’re going to learn how to serve your audience with affiliate marketing. We’ll talk about that a little bit. Next week. You’re gonna learn how to offer the right products. So you don’t have to create everything yourself, right? You’re going to learn how to sell ethically and effectively, and to learn how to sell the right way. In other words, you get to build the confidence that you need to build the business that you’re dreaming about. So if you go to no product, no, you can learn more and join there. It’s just a five-day course. Like all of our courses are now there five to seven days, that’s kind of our emo and it’s a super quick program. That’ll get you going on.

The things that we talked about today, and that we’ll talk about next week and make sure to come back for that next episode. Like I said, the affiliate marketing secrets, how to sell without being salesy, scammy, or sleazy, before we go, also make sure you hit subscribe.

So you don’t miss that episode. You do not want to miss that episode. Then lastly, if you can leave us a rating and review, you’re listening right now, let’s go click rating and review. Give us a five-star rating. Like my friend, Brandon Utley just did. Hey, Brandon, I know you’re listening. I said, Matt is the consummate authority on affiliate marketing.

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