Here Are the Top Affiliate Products to Sell in 2022

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Products to Sell

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money in 2022. There are a number of different products that you can sell to maximize your profits. However, affiliate marketing is not just about promoting products to your audiences. You must also choose the right products to sell in the first place.

There are plenty of different products that you can choose from, but it’s important that you don’t just choose one without any research whatsoever. Depending upon your niche and your audience, it’s important to do a bit of research before selecting a specific product. Here are some of the best affiliate products to sell in 2022.

How Do You Find The Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

Affiliate marketing is one of the four largest sources of e-commerce orders, outperforming social commerce and display advertising,” according to a report from BI Intelligence.

When I said that affiliate marketing is one of the best money-making gigs, it’s not necessarily applicable to everyone. You might just want to engage your customers or wish to keep up with the trends of the industry. Irrespective of the motive, the real challenge is deciding on what really sells. This simple notion puts you on the right path.

There are a lot of sellers that offer enticing commissions and offers for affiliate sales. Whether you’re a newcomer to the ecommerce world or looking for new revenue streams, choosing the right affiliate products and programs is your key to success.

First and foremost, without even putting many efforts, you’re expanding your catalog. But be careful. You don’t want to overcrowd your store with irrelevant and slow-moving products. Staying on top of the trends means that you sell what sells Right Now. At the same time, you must make sure that your marketing expenses remain as low as possible and the entire marketing process is as efficient as possible. Targeting a specific audience is easy, less expensive and pays off great. Needless to say, your profits increase while you simultaneously build customer trust and loyalty.

At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on hitching a ride on the back of a trend in 2021. If you remain undecided, you will not be able to create a unique value proposition with products that are sure to be hip in the near future. So jumping on the bandwagon is not that bad after all!

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the best affiliate products to sell in 2022.

1. Virtual Reality

Yes, exactly. Sell virtual reality! Virtual reality products are finally taking off. Companies selling VR products (and services) now enjoy increased public interest because of the improvements in the VR technology

Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta, and the company is now going to put all of its might into promoting VR technology.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Why Is This a Great Niche to Target?

With the rise of Meta, a number of companies are going to be heavily targeting the VR headset niche. If you can get in now, there’s plenty of upside potential for you to target. Interest is only going to rise, which simply means more potential for success.

2. Drones

Drones have really grown in popularity. Although there are so many restrictions around flying one, it’s market has shown no sign of slowing down in the upcoming year. These days, drones are not just used for recreation, they are also used for commercial purposes in fields including photography.

And the best part is, there are a lot of drone manufacturers and various existing affiliates program in this growing industry.

Why Are Drones So Popular For Affiliate Marketers?

DJI is one of the biggest names in the drone market. They continue to release new products, making it one of the best affiliate programs to join. From the DJI Spark to the Mavic Mini, there is no shortage of options available out there. The DJI affiliate program, for instance, is a fantastic choice for marketers.



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3. 3D Printers

Gone are the days when you would need to sell several body parts to be able to afford a printer. However, the cost of ownership has significantly gone down, with predictable results. It is now very much possible for anyone to own a portable 3D printers.

3D printers are more than just a hobby tool. There are serious applications of the technology in many fabrication and manufacturing scenarios. With the growing belief that 3D printer are now much accessible to own, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity and take advantage of this emerging trend.

Why Choose 3D Printers for Affiliate Marketing?

3D printers haven’t yet taken off, but adoption rates are increasing by the day. If you join an affiliate marketing program that caters solely to 3D printers, you could easily generate good commissions. Because it’s still a relatively growing niche, it’s a fantastic idea for people who are looking to get into affiliate marketing.

3D Printers

3D Printers

4. Phone Accessories

No, I don’t mean cheap handsfree and plastic phone cases!

Given the launch of flagship and mid-range phones, the market for phone accessories still remain hot. However, instead of wasting your time and money on cheap imitations, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to partner with top accessory manufacturers. The range of accessories include LED-backed phone cases, no-brand wireless earbuds and Bluetooth based products.

Why Promote Phone Accessories?

A number of companies that manufacture phone accessories have their own affiliate programs. This gives you a considerable amount of choice. Above all, when you consider the sheer amount of accessories that are available, from covers to protectors to pop sockets, there’s so much potential for you to sell.

Water Proof Cases

Water Proof Cases

5. Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are fast becoming the norm as more and more people stop using wired chargers in favor of freeing NFC chargers. Because NFC is now a standard offering in most phones, it’s easy to understand why these chargers are becoming so popular.

The market is heating up, with many companies introducing different styles of wireless chargers. It’s time to get in now!

Why Sell Wireless Chargers as an affiliate marketer?

There are several reasons why you should consider selling wireless chargers as an affiliate marketer. For starters, the world is increasingly moving towards a wireless future. Almost all flagship devices made by major manufacturers around the globe now support wireless charging. Needless to say, there are more brands out there that make wireless chargers, and they are all vying for the same market.

Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers

6. Home Automation

Home automation industry has grown a lot during the past five years, mainly due to several significant innovations including smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart hubs for Smart Homes. As a result, these devices have a strong consumer following that directly translates into a  lucrative market for the affiliate marketers.

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Interested marketers can contact home automation device manufacturers to get devices on discount prices to promote and earn higher commissions. Usually, home automation products witness a spike around the middle of the year. You can however go sub-niche and create a target market of your own by promoting specific devices.

Why Promote Home Automation Products?

Home automation products are all the rage right now, and this market is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Amazon’s foray into the industry with Ring, and Google’s purchase of Nest should tell you that there’s serious impetus behind this. Now is the time to get in!

Home Automation

Home Automation

7. Security & Surveillance Systems

Have you heard the saying, ‘when in a gold rush, sell shovels.’

In the current scenario of uncertainty and degrading security in many countries, the demand for security & surveillance equipment is on the rise. Due to this high demand, the market is really hot and will only get hotter. This is a lucrative opportunity for marketers who are active in the safety and security industry.

Why Are Security and Surveillance Systems Worth Promoting?

Security and surveillance is a huge industry, with both B2C and B2B parties. From motion sensors to cameras, there’s a whole lot of stuff that you can promote. It’s an excellent choice for affiliate marketers who want variety and need to target a primed audience.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Security & Surveillance Systems

8. Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car vacuum cleaners can be a great fit for ecommerce stores. They generally don’t cost a lot, unless you are going for the more expensive ones. Plus, car vacuum cleaners will always be in demand. People will need to keep their cars clean at all times of the year, making these a great investment.

Why Promote Car Vacuum Cleaners?

Car vacuum cleaners are never going out of vogue, for instance. These are utility devices that are going to stay forever, so it’s generally a wise idea to stick to the basics. If you want to promote something that’s not seasonal and is going to be consistently in demand, you should definitely consider car vacuum cleaners.

Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaners

9. Wearable Devices

Wearables has gone mainstream in the recent years and you could people wearing one or more categories of wearables. A popular niche in wearables is the health focused devices that allow the wearer to monitor health in realtime without visiting the doctors’. They pose a golden opportunity for the marketers to get better commissions on their promotions.

A tip for success: Instead of partnering with a single wearable manufacturer, go for large ecommerce stores that target wearable customers. You will get low product costs and higher commissions. Or, try CPA marketing by creating landing pages and promoting the products on social media.

Why Promote Wearable Devices?

Variety, for instance. As the market continues to expand, a number of third-party vendors and manufacturers are looking to get a cut of the action. If you haven’t yet figured it out, this is teh future. Companies are constantly looking to innovate, and the future definitely looks bright for wearable devices.

Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

10. Managed Cloud Hosting

There is a growing demand for managed cloud hosting services because not everyone with an idea is an expert  in server management. Website owners, developers, agencies and even freelancers nowadays prefer not to deal with the hassles of hosting simply because managed hosting solutions save a lot of time and effort for the users. Providers like Cloudways offer various affiliates programs with great commissions.

Why Promote Cloud Hosting?

Promoting cloud hosting is a fantastic idea for several reasons. For starters, you’ll be speaking to a highly qualified audience. This is an audience that’s primed for conversions – they just need the right advice. If you can give it to them, they’ll be willing to buy. Plus, the commissions are always neat.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

11. Gym Equipment

People have become more aware about their self-image, which is why the fitness lifestyle has become a popular trend. Fitness enthusiasts either join a gym or purchase gym equipment so they can continue to work out even with a tough routine.

Why Promote Gym Equipment as an Affiliate Marketer?

Since the demand for gym equipment is high among fitness enthusiasts, it has the potential to be a great affiliate product to sell.

Gym equipment.

Gym equipment.

12.Travel & Tourism

Whether it’s holiday tourist destinations or a weekend getaway, people are always saving up to explore new areas. So much so, that even Google Maps covers interesting things to do at specific destinations. So why not promote services that provide logistics, hotel accommodation, and entertainment in specific destinations.

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Travel and tourism companies cash in more sales with the help of traveling discount coupons and hotel accommodation offers. They promote travel destinations and holiday packages through their affiliate programs to reach out to a large audience.

Why Is Travel and Tourism Such a Popular Niche?

Because there’s an insane amount of upside potential in this. Everybody’s looking for good deals when it comes to traveling. Companies like have fantastic affiliate programs that you can join. Plus, if you know how to write well, there’s just so much money to make here!

Travel & tourism

Travel & tourism

13. Shapewear

Shapewear is all the craze right now. Don’t miss out on this profitable trend, as it can make you a lot of money as an affiliate. Kim Kardashian’s brand has made her a billionaire!

Shapewear is worn under a dress, and helps create a smooth silhouette. There are many brands out there, so there’s definitely no shortage of products to sell!

Why Promote Shapewear?

Kim Kardashian became a billionaire by selling shapewear. Well, not just shapewear, but you get the point. Shapewear is a big thing, and there’s plenty of potential in this industry. If you don’t want to venture into the cosmetics industry, this is a great choice to fall back on.



14. Safety Apparel

Selling safety apparel is a great opportunity to earn. It’s also interesting to see how safety apparel evolves with time as it adopts material that improves the overall endurance.

Kickstarter projects, and new ventures continue to show concepts of products that can change the way people work. This is what makes safety apparel a good affiliate product to sell.

Why Enter the Safety Apparel Niche?

Well, why not? You’re taking part in a good cause, and making money due to it. It’ll help your conscience, and your wallet! The safety apparel niche is rife with a bunch of interesting items, ranging from bike lights to helmets, and you can start selling anything you want.

Safety Apparel

Safety Apparel

15. Jewelry

If you haven’t already noticed the recent trend, there are a lot of ads on social media pertaining to jewelry. Products like jewelry watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and piercings are greatly popular, as they their visibility is high on social media.

The type of jewelry that remains high in demand ranges from casual bracelets to intricate design patterns of precious stones and gems. Hence, making them popular items among affiliate products to sell.

Why Promote Jewelry?

Everyone likes it, that’s why! This is a trillion dollar industry, with almost everyone wearing some form of jewelry nowadays. Therefore, you can sell virtually anything.



16. Gaming

Gaming remains a major entertainment outlet and shows no sign of slowing down. With the advent of cloud computing, gaming on consoles now no longer require physical CDs to install and run a game, all thanks to SaaS products, through which purchasing and installing of games takes place through the cloud.

For the last two decades, there has been low elasticity in demand for console peripherals and supporting accessories such as gaming controller, grip pads, controller skins and customizations. The popularity of these products makes them some of the best affiliate products to consider selling.

Why Promote Gaming Peripherals?

The gaming industry continues to grow day by day, with almost every other company now looking to position their products to capture just a teeny tiny bit of this market. With unbelievable upside potential, you can easily sell a bunch of different gaming peripherals.



17. Pet Grooming

A lot of people have pets, wish to have pets, or are transitioning into getting more pets. According to psychological studies, pet grooming reduces the chances of developing depression. That’s the reason pet grooming equipment such as rubber and slicker brushes, nail clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and medical treatment ointments has been high in demand.

Earn at your own pace.

Refer customers and set up your passive income stream

As people continue to invest in the nurturing of their pet products to help take care of this nurturing process have been among the popular Google searches. This opens up a lucrative opportunity for marketers to promote and sell these types of affiliate products.

Why Promote Pet Grooming Products?

Because there’s just so many out there! You can easily find a bunch of different pet grooming products, and because people just need good information about each, if you can provide that, you can expect quick purchases!

Pet grooming

Pet grooming

18. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes basically means one company putting some of their popular products and services in a box and delivering it to their customers. For example, a hair grooming company puts together a box known as a ‘care package’ which includes a shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, etc. delivers it to a subscriber. These supplies last for about a month and customers, if they opt for the subscription, automatically receive a new supply. Payments are made every month.

The benefit for the consumer is, they never have to worry about running out of supplies because it automatically gets renewed and the benefit for the company is they have one guaranteed customer as long as they subscribe to the service.

Some companies also promote these as mystery boxes that people pay for. The price of these mystery boxes is constant, however,  it’s the element of surprise that excites them. This idea is now so popular that a number of brands consider selling these affiliate products a good strategy in affiliate marketing for digital products.

Why Promote Subscription Boxes?

The air of mystery that surrounds subscription boxes makes them an excellent choice for your audience. If you have a good content writer in your midst, they can easily create a sense of exclusivity through their writing, which will ultimately increase your chances of getting a conversion.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes

19. Food Delivery Services/Coupons

Setting up food delivery branches in popular areas is a great way to capitalize on an opportunity to earn money. These services usually have a discount code, promotional bundle with them, to give consumers the incentive to opt for this service instead of any other.

Giving out food discount coupons, and delivery service discounts are highly sell-able items, especially for teenagers and students that deal with a tight budget. Due to their high demand, it’s a no brainer that these are some of the best affiliate products to sell.

Why Promote Food Delivery Services?

The global logistics model is changing. Many people prefer ordering via food delivery service providers instead of directly to the restaurant. There are numerous apps out there, which further simplifies things. It’s the future, so why not go for it?

Food delivery services

Food delivery services

20. Baby Care

Parents are always looking out for products that make life easier for their newborns and their kids. Your parents are ideal people to target for these products, as they are more likely to give in to the purchase.

Young fathers can also be triggered to buy the product if they see the product during their lunch hours. This goes to show the great potential of selling products like prams, baby toilets, gum soothers, aprons, and baby clothes online.

Why Promote Baby Care Products?

Endless potential, that’s why. Babies aren’t going anywhere, so there’s lots of potential in this market. Don’t miss out on this!

Baby careBaby care

21. Digital Courses and Learning Material

A lot of teachers, mentors, and skilled employees look for an opportunity to sell their learnt skills to a large audience. Whether it’s teaching to file for tax, creating a digital campaign, or even explaining the perfect conditions to grow a eucalyptus plant indoors.

The diversity in subject matter here can be as vast as the skill set of the mentor. Depending on the demand of the course and the popularity of the subject, the chances of earning money through this is steep.

If the demand for these types of subjects is high, selling these as affiliate products can be a lucrative opportunity.

Why Promote Digital Courses?

The pandemic brought about a fundamental shift in the way we consume knowledge. Remote learning, often considered a luxury or an oddity at one point, is now widely embraced. There are plenty of courses that you can promote too, with considerable commissions on offer.

Digital Courses

Digital Courses

22. Office Accessories

Stationary, office desktop organizers, and office desk decorations are products that evolve to work more efficiently in the same workspace. That’s because these office products have a constant demand, as every business needs these resources. Also, anyone that deals with a desk space understands the struggle of keeping the deskspace clutter free and organized.

Hence, designers and YouTube reviewers talk a lot about clearing the mental clutter by keeping the workstation clutter free. This opens up the avenue for affiliate marketers to make money by recommending office accessories for certain workspaces and distinguished occupations.

Why Promote Office Accessories?

You can’t go wrong, that why. If you know how to do it right, there’s just so much that you can sell. When it comes to office accessories, you have plenty of stuff to focus on. There’s also a huge audience of office managers looking for the right information so they can buy high quality items at affordable prices.

Office accessories

Office accessories

23. Gardening Equipment

Whether its a resident of a mansion or an apartment, have you found yourself glued to a DIY video about gardening and similar hobbies? Just like having a pet, gardening enthusiasts find these hobbies useful to keep their mind healthy and to de-stress.

Since gardening is a popular hobby, the demand for gardening equipment remains relatively high. Sales for these products peak during the seasons, and then slows down the off-season months. Companies selling gardening equipment make use of affiliate marketing strategies to promote these products and services pre-season to maximize sales.

Why Promote Gardening Equipment?

Gardening as a hobby has become quite popular over the past couple of years. The pandemic caused many people to find time at home, with many taking up gardening because of its therapeutic properties.

Gardening equipment

Gardening equipment

24. Kitchen Apparel and Equipment

Although 60% of restaurant businesses fail within the first year, it still doesn’t stop food enthusiasts from attempting to start their own food venture. Items like cutlery, knives, kitchen appliances, and even kitchen safety apparel are important things to have when starting a restaurant or a cafe.

It’s the demand for these products, that makes them good affiliate products. Chefs, food connoisseurs, and gourmet chefs recommend products in almost every YouTube video tutorial on cooking. This is what makes these items good affiliate products with potential to sell.

Why Promote Kitchen Equipment?

Because it’s a perpetual necessity, that’s why. Everyone needs kitchen equipment, whether it’s pans or pots or cutlery. It does require a bit of research, but if you can put that in, there’s lots of items that you can promote.

Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils

25. Lighting Products

Lighting products are an essential requirement for most people. So you can easily make good money if you add these in your affiliate portfolio. From lamps to lightbulbs to bulb holders, there are a plethora of different lighting products that you can choose to sell. These are some o the top affiliate products right now. Check out popular bloggers and reviewers to learn what the best  lighting products are. Once you’ve shortlisted a few items, you can sell them on your website easily. It’s a fantastic way to generate good income on the side without hassle.

Why Promote Lighting Products?

There is a considerable amount of variety when it comes to lighting products, so there’s considerable upside potential in this niche. Do it right, and there’s lots of money to be made!


lighting-projectsSource: lighting-projects

26. Computer Accessories

Computer accessories make for some of the best affiliate products and are never going to go out of demand. As an affiliate, you should definitely consider featuring them on your site. These products don’t cost a lot of money, and are very popular.

From mouse pads to affordable headsets to gaming chairs, there’s a lot of variety available in the market. You can also sell goods for laptops such as foldable tables, sleeves, laptop stands, and other accessories.

Why Promote Computer Accessories?

There’s just too much potential in this niche to leave this out.

Computer Accessories

Computer AccessoriesSource: nicepng

27. Insurance

This might come as a surprise to many, but insurance is a service you can sell as an affiliate product. On your website, you can create comparisons and use the link by your affiliate program to market their insurance product.

Why Promote Insurance?

If you plan it out, you could end up making quite a bit of money in the process. It’s a great way to generate some good income on the side and help people buy something considered essential.


InsuranceSource: business-standard

28. Car Accessories

Simple car accessories like car humidifiers, air purifiers, and portable refrigerators are a fantastic choice to sell as affiliate products. You can easily make good money by selling these products on your affiliate marketing website.

Why Promote Car Accessories?

Items like car mats, seat covers, and even cushions are always in high demand. By providing these under a single roof, you can easily generate a good amount of sales.

Car Accessories

Car AccessoriesSource: coleofduty

29. Bicycle Add-Ons

As the pandemic has cleared roads of traffic, more and more people are now riding their bikes. The demand for bicycle add-ons and accessories has grown by leaps and bounds, and you stand to make a hefty profit.

From bicycle computers to gel covers for seats, laser line markers to bicycle lights, there is no shortage of affordable accessories that you can sell for some profit.

Why Promote Bicycling Accessories?

Bicycling as a hobby has risen considerably in the past few years. You could offer detailed advice on accessories, making it a great niche to target.

Bicycle Add-ons

Bicycle Add-onsSource: jinrex.en.made-in-china

30. Bottles and Protein Shakers

Protein shakers and water bottles are becoming quite popular and there are several varieties available in the market. You can easily sell these as an affiliate and make a handsome amount.

Why Promote Protein Shakers?

As the focus moves towards fitness, people are going to be buying these in droves. You could be the one selling through your channels.


BottleSource: indiamart

31. Backpacks

Selling backpacks as affiliate products is a fantastic way to make good money as an affiliate. You can take great advantage of the hundreds of different companies manufacturing and selling backpacks in the marketplace.

From gym bags to standard school backpacks, you can stock up and sell them for a significant commission. They are never going to go out of need, and demand is only going to rise. You could offer Amazon promo codes to boost sales as well.

Why Promote Backpacks?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and a whole host of others. Too many options out there, so it’s worth a shot!


BackpacksSource: Amazon

Some Tips for the Future

Being an affiliate, you should always stay updated with the current market trends. Much of the products and services that you choose might have a short-lived trend and will soon become irrelevant. It is best that you keep a close watch on the viability of the products and the things that work best for your business.

More importantly, go with your gut. And if you want to make things easy and validate what you see online, use tools like Google Trends or popular and best selling products on marketplaces like Amazon.

If you want to become successful in your ecommerce venture, simply subscribe to our newsletter and skyrocket your ecommerce performance with the right tips and hacks.

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