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There’s one thing you can say with certainty about 2021 – there was A LOT of change in the world! And the affiliate marketing environment certainly experienced its share. The funny thing about change is that some people find it unsettling and try to resist. They want to stay close to what they’re familiar with. But others, and as a podcast listener, I’m including YOU in this group, see change as an opportunity! Today, I’ll share the changes I see coming in 2022 in the affiliate marketing world. That’s right it’s time for my annual predictions! Buckle up…this one is juicy!

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2022 Affiliate Marketing Predictions

There’s one thing you can say with certainty about 2021, there was a lot of change in the world and the affiliate marketing environment certainly experienced its share of changes. Now, the funny thing about change is that some people find it unsettling and they try to resist it. They want to stay close to what they’re familiar with, but others, and as a podcast listener,

I’m including you in this group, these others see change as an opportunity, but today I’m going to share the changes I see coming in 2022 in the affiliate marketing world. That’s right. It’s time for my annual predictions. So buckle up. This one is juicy.

So yeah, it’s that time of year where we do, I’ve been doing things like looking back on the year that was right? I had the last two episodes were my top 10 mistakes of 2021, the last episode was my top 10 lessons. Next episode. I’m gonna talk about how to start 2022 off right.

So we’re looking forward to next year. The next episode in this one, well, we’re doing both actually. We’re gonna take a moment. We’re going to look back at my predictions from last year and see was I right or not and then we’re going to look forward to 2022 with my predictions for affiliate marketing next year.

Now I went back and looked at the last five years’ worth of predictions. I’ve made here on the podcast over the past five years, I’ve made 36 predictions a little bit over five a year, and I’ve been right on 34 of them. One of the ones was, that I was totally wrong on was one of my 2020 predictions and let us be honest, anything that anyone predicted for 2020 and was wrong on, I hope we give them a pass because none of us saw 2020 coming.

Maybe some people did, I didn’t. I would be really suspicious of anybody who predicted 2020 is going to be the year we’re going to have a global pandemic. That’s going to shut down the economy and cause all kinds of weird things to happen. Right? If you predicted that, I’m hoping the FBI’s investigating because that’s messed up.

So maybe I’ll give myself a pass on that. We’ll just put that one out. I’m been right on 34, 35 things as if because I’m super smart now, it’s because I know how to read trends, the data is out there, the opinions are out there. It’s just a matter of looking at them and kind of combining other people’s opinions and some of their predictions along with what I’m seeing in the affiliate marketing world and then looking at the data we have access to that data today.

The very first thing I’ll talk about today is some stuff from Google trends. Like you can literally look this stuff up and go, that’s where the world’s heading. Like we are heading in that direction and it’s so obvious and so easy to predict things in that regard. Now that said, the reason why you’re listening to this is that I’m going to make it really easy for you.

I say that it’s easy to make these predictions. Yeah. If you study the industry for hundreds of hours over the course of, hundreds of hours a year over the course of 15 years, it’s really easy, but I’m going to make it super easy for you. Now, first I want to take a look back at my 2021 predictions, and let’s just see how I did.

Again, I share these every year on the podcast. These are things that I first share with our Affiliate Insider Monthly subscribers. And by the way, can get a $1 trial of that you can get in, you can get access to December’s information. We’ve got tons of amazing stuff in December. Get access to December’s, January’s, and February’s is three months for a whole dollar 33 cents a month. So go check that out. Mattmcwilliams.com/AIMtrial.

Let’s look at my predictions from last year:

1 – Seasonal Advertising Will Grow Significantly

Now that was based on me looking at the market and going, okay, this is already starting, but it really only started in Q4 of 2020 really kind of started in late Q3 into Q4 and I’m like, you know what If that continues, it means it’s going to be up significantly over this year.

This was true according to Google trends, if you use tools like Google keywords planner, these give forecasts on how things are searched and how they will be searched. That’s a huge asset, especially if you’re doing any data-driven marketing.

So there’s an opportunity here, look for opportunities to promote seasonal items at least once a quarter. Think what are those seasonal items in your niche or on the slightly outside of your niche that your audience would be interested in. Look for opportunities to promote them. That significantly grew in 2021. And just as know, it’s going to continue to grow in 2022.

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It’s just not going to grow at the rate that it grew in 2021, because it grew so much this year. It’s gonna be hard for it to double again, anytime a business doubles, it’s hard to double again, back-to-back years unless you go from a hundred to $200 in revenue and then you go to 400. That’s not that hard.

ACTION: Look for opportunities to promote seasonal items at least once a quarter.

2 – B2B Affiliates Will Become a Force

This was absolutely true. We saw a huge rise in B2B marketing. I know on our end, prior to 2020, and really proud of the second half of 2020, we had zero clients in the B2B space coaching or otherwise, we had one in 2020, and what does, what six toppled is that seven-step toppled? I don’t know one of those two we six or seven, seven times when we have no, we have eight. Sorry.

So we have eight times as many because we have eight versus one. I’m seeing this on our end. I’m seeing this in search. I’m seeing this in and just the landscape. I’m seeing it in the forums more and more B2B industries are opening themselves up to affiliate marketing.

So what that’s allowing is that you as an affiliate, don’t have to just be limited to B to C campaigns. We saw this some of the biggest growth in the industry just statistically was in the B2B space. Things like web hosting and things like that are in the B2B space. So my call to action for you because is going to continue in 2022.

ACTION: If you are in a space where B2B works, start looking at services and tools to promote. Affiliate programs are paying aggressive commissions!

3- Subscription Services Will Play a Larger Role in Affiliate Marketing

These are predictions for 2021. I’m going to get to the 2022 predictions in a moment. This was true. The pandemic continued, it’s still continuing. And we saw again, another dramatic increase in adopting the subscription model by numerous companies. They’re more popular than ever. This is going to continue as well.

So my call to action for you here is to consider promoting a subscription service such as a box or a membership site, at least once a quarter or maybe two times in 2020 to build that recurring revenue. This is going to be huge for you and your business to build even $500 a month in just recurring revenue.

This is something I was talking with one of our coaching clients the other day about, I just said, she runs a business for just under six figures. So this is a general business consulting that I do. I was meeting with her and I said, really what we need to do, you have these big launches, big for her where she’ll do two like big events or, or launches a year. They’re bringing like $25,000 in like 10 days. So $50,000 in 20 days of the year, the other 345 days of the year, she’s bringing in less than $45,000 on average, over the past couple of years.

I said, what we need to do is just get you to where your floor in a given month is $3,000. Because right now there are months where she brings in less than a few. She brings in only a few hundred dollars. I said, we just need to get you to a floor of 3000 and we’re like, that’s only 36,000 a year. It’s not a significant amount of money but now you have the floor of 3000.

So your worst month is 3000, those three months, each year where you’re making less than a thousand. Now we’re up to $9,000 instead of the total of about 1500. I said, let’s get that up to 3000 because now next year you can get that up to five and then seven and then ten. That’s how you’re going to build a six into a seven-figure business prediction.

ACTION: Consider promoting a subscription service such as a box at least once a quarter in 2022.

4 – Online Courses Will Also Continue to Grow Rapidly

TRUE! Huge growth in 2022.

ACTION: Make sure you are promoting online learning in 2022. It will continue to grow. Look for at least one course each quarter to promote.

5) Trust Will Be More Of A Factor

This was a little bit subjective, but this was that trust will be more of a factor in 2021 than ever before. This was absolutely true. People have access to so much data. You cannot fake it anymore. You cannot say like people used to nine out of 10 doctors say, and really what it was was that you pulled 10 doctors that you knew or you pulled nine that you knew and one that you didn’t you’ve got to build customer trust, make sure your audience trusts you. If you do this, they’ll buy through you.

ACTION: Build trust with your audience with honest product reviews and sharing the good and the bad of products. Make sure they know why it is for them but also why it may not be.

Make sure that, you’re honest with your audience to say, Hey, while this is great for older men, it’s not necessarily for younger men or vice versa. This is great for younger men, but not for older men. Or this is, Hey, if you’re a mom, this is a great product, but if you don’t have kids yet, I wouldn’t recommend buying it. Things like that.

So those were my predictions last year is five for five. Yay me but we’re going to put some things out on a limb this year, out on the line this year, and see am I going to continue this trend again 34 36 predictions over the past five years have been true or, or I guess six years now one of the two I got wrong was in the pandemic year? So I’m giving myself a little grace on that one, but I’ve kept a really close eye on the industry this year and I’ve got some predictions.

I think I’ve got more than I ever have had before. Let me see here real quick. I think I’ve got like eight, eight pretty solid predictions. Nine, nine predictions. Oh, eight predictions again. Eight predictions, sorry. And then a bonus one. And so what I want to do is give you a jumpstart for 2021. So you can hit the ground running in January.

I mentioned earlier, I shared these first, earlier this month with our affiliate Insider Monthly members, we have a monthly report called the affiliate trends, monthly report, the ATM report. So if you want to get that, there’s actually more in that report than what I’m going to share today. If you want to get that, just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/AIMtrial, or click on the link in the show notes and it’ll take you over to where you can get it for a buck.

2022 Predictions

1 – Affiliate Marketing will Grow 10% or More

I think this is a pretty safe bet. In fact, I didn’t really need to think too hard about this one. There’s a report from foresters and it came out a few years ago that predicted an annual growth rate of about 10% from 2015 through 2020.

Basically, the industry was going to go from 4.2 billion to 6.8 billion and it destroyed that. I don’t think the industry is going to grow like it did last year because we don’t have that wrinkle with the pandemic happening. I don’t think it’s going to grow like it did this year, but I do think it’s going to grow in the 10 to 12% range which for the industry is phenomenal. Very few industries grow by more than a few percent year over year. This one is going to grow by at least 10, possibly as high as 15 barring any weird situations again, of course, this is a big prediction here.

2 – Affiliate Marketing Will Become   The Top Revenue Generator for Publishers

I don’t know if this is going to happen in 2022 or 2023, but I’m going to go ahead and predict what might happen in 2022. The momentum is just huge. Right now, affiliate marketing is second to Google AdSense when it comes to creating revenue there are things like display advertising, brand sponsorship, paid product reviews, all types of others, but I’m going to predict that affiliate marketing becomes the top dog in 2022.

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Recommended affiliate programsRecommended affiliate programs

I think this is one of those ones where I almost didn’t include it because I think it’s going to be really, really close. I think what’s going to happen is anytime you have an industry that’s catching up with something else, it starts off the year, two percentage points behind, and then the next month, it’s 1.9, 1.8 behind 1.7.

Does it catch up by December 31st, 2022? I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s going to be really, really close. I think we’re going to be watching the clock the last couple of weeks of the year going okay, is it going to happen? And I think it might. And if it doesn’t, it’ll happen in the first quarter of 2023, so if I’m wrong so be it

3 – Affiliate Marketers Will Make More Than The Average American for the first time

This is a boom. This is an exciting prediction. My prediction is 2022 affiliate marketers for the first time ever as, as an average will make more than the average American. Now, are their tons, of course of affiliate marketers that make more than the average American clearly there,

I mean, I don’t know what we brought in this year in affiliate marketing. I have to look at it, but it’s going to be close to half a million dollars. That’s a little bit more than the average American, but there’s a lot of people that don’t make anything or make $5,000, $10,000. If you look at at least the last data I could find here just recently, the median hourly wage in the United States was $20 and 17 cents. The mean was 27 07 the average wage per year, $56,310.

If you look at what happened in the last part of 2021 and extrapolate that to a year to a year, the average salary, the average wage for an affiliate marketer is about 57 or $47520. This is where it gets interesting PayScale reported. This is annually in the US that it’s already up to $51,639. So for 2020, I think actually if I’m looking back at the so second quarter of 2021, if you extrapolate that quarter to the year, it was $47,520 already.

They’re saying for the year we’re looking at 51,639. This doesn’t some stuff that they might be doing in terms of other income, but just an affiliate marketing income. I think what that means is we’re, we’re looking at hitting somewhere in that neighborhood of the 55 to $60,000 mark.

Again, the average salary for an average individual is about 56. I think we can beat it. I think there’s a 70% chance. We’ll beat that number again. It’s one of those things we hit at the end of the year how’s it going to go in Q4 of next year when the state when the affiliate sales are up? I don’t know, but I think we might do it. I’m going to go ahead and predict that for the first time ever affiliate marketers will make more than the average American.

4 – Interest In Affiliate Marketing Will Continue To Rise

Here’s a non-bold prediction, but I’m going to go ahead and say interest in affiliate marketing is going to continue to rise. If you look at Google trends, there’s a growing interest in affiliate marketing over the last five years.

I mean, it’s just every single quarter. It’s a little bit higher. It’s a little bit higher. It’s a little bit higher. The term affiliate marketing has a Google trend score of a hundred, peak popularity in June 2021 back in January 2017, 24, was the score. So we’re looking at it again, we’re up to the right in terms of interest. So it’s definitely going to continue to rise in 2022.

5 – Online Coupon Use Will Hit An All-Time High

Number five prediction for 2022 is that online coupon use is going to hit an all-time high, all-time high in 2022. 83% of consumers say that coupons are the main reason they bought something in 2021. This is during regular shopping trips. This is going to have a massive impact on affiliate marketing.

So if I’m looking at this as an affiliate, this upward trend where people are going, it’s something I want to take advantage of. It’s something I want to take advantage of. I don’t want to go, oh, I don’t like that. I’ve been known to sell. I don’t like discounts. Well, but the world’s going that way and yeah, you can buck the trend. But if the world was going towards cars back in the early 19 hundreds and a company came along and said, Nope, we want to do something with horses. People think that’s insane now, but back then they might’ve been like, oh man, that’d be a good, bad idea.

So I want to take advantage of these trends. This is what’s happening. The numbers are up every single year for five years and we’re at numbers like 83%. We were down under 50%, just, I think seven years ago with that question, even just like three years ago, it was only in the mid-sixties.

It’s 83% that, I mean, can you imagine if a presidential candidate got 83% of the vote like that’s how dramatic that number is. Wow. He won by a million votes out of a hundred million. Like no, this would be winning by whatever 70 million votes. If let’s just put that into perspective here that’s how I’m saying that number is 83%.

So one way you can do this is to see if you can secure some sort of an exclusive deal, reach out to the affiliate manager and ask for exclusive deals there’s something I can do. I did this with a program recently. I did it by reading it for myself.

I’ve mentioned that a few episodes ago, we have an exclusive deal with reading it for me. It’s so good. I don’t even remember exactly what it is, but I know you get like a massive discount and you get to give away like 10 members, but you seriously have to check this out. You have to check this out. This deal is insane. Okay. This is how I read so many books.

I’m going to talk about it more in the next episode. I know, but just go check it out. Like I’ll put a link in the show notes on the Mattmcwilliams.com/readit if that doesn’t work right now, we’ll make it work. If you go there, you can get this crazy deal. I went on and said like,

I need a deal. Now, does somebody else have a deal? That’s similar? Like, do they have maybe they have five things that you give away and you get like two free, things like, I don’t know, I’m sure, but this is an exclusive deal. This particular deal doesn’t exist anywhere else. If you can’t get an exclusive deal,

then ask for a vanity code. So it might be the same deal like everybody else. But your code is I would ask for like, code, say it was 20% off. I would ask for tag 20, TAGTHEAFFILIATEGUY20. So tag to zero would be a good code for a 20% offer or MATT, just enter promo code MATT and you get 20% off. there IS a way you can get some sort of an exclusive deal?

So instead of a code J A N 2022 deal a generic, no, just get something that has your name in it or if John Lee Dumas, he’s fire, Entrepreneur On Fire. So promo code, EO, FIRE, promo, code, FIRE, something like that. So next time is a great time to jump on this strategy. It’s almost guaranteed to boost your sales by 18%. That’s the statistics. We found that a coupon, some sort of a vanity coupon.

This is versus just generic coupons, just to be clear, this is not versus nothing. This is a vanity coupon versus or exclusive deal versus the same deal. But it’s basically a little bit different or it’s got a generic code, 18% lift in sales.

6 – Affiliate Marketing Strategies Are Expected To Fill   The Third-Party Cookie Void

Prediction number six is that I think affiliate marketing strategies are going to fill the void that third-party cookie tracking is leaving. We’ve seen this like third-party cookies are getting pushed to the sidelines. Initially like 5% of people opted in to say, I don’t want to have my data tracked and I think now we’re over 10%. So that number, my prediction is the number of people opting out of being tracked is probably going to go up by one to upwards of 2%, a quarter for the next few years, we’re going to be in a place where within a year, we’re 40 or 50% of people are completely untracked.

I read a report from ad week and said that affiliate marketing campaigns give marketers a chance to get in front of their target audience in their native environments and so that’s,

what’s really catching the eyes of companies. So companies that we’re spending a million dollars a month on Facebook ads are going to take a hundred, 200, 300,000 to that important to affiliate marketing. That means higher commissions, more bonuses in exchange for more traffic and more sales, of course. So what that allows the marketers, not the marketers, but the businesses to do is be able to still get in front of the right targeted audience where the content matches the product.

That’s what they were able to do before with hyper-targeting. But already, now we’re down under nine out of 10 people can you even target like that and that’s a big deal. A 10 to 15% loss in prospective customers to, an advertising company, to a brand is significant. People get that these companies like Shutterfly and Adidas that know we’ve worked with and Walmart and Target and et cetera, et cetera, whatever it may be, they live on razor-thin margins.

So losing 10 to 15% of their potential customers could be crippling if they don’t have something to replace it with, they’re going to replace it with affiliate marketing. I am positive about that.

7 – Increase In Micro-Influencers

The rise in popularity of micro-influencers within the affiliate marketing world is set to reach new heights in 2022.

In fact, 84% of all marketers work with influencers in some capacity.

Here’s why aligning yourself with micro-influencers is important:

They have an uncanny ability to connect with their audiences and, most importantly, convince them to perform a particular action.

To make the most of your micro-manager partnerships, do this:

Define the objectives of your influencer campaigns.
Develop relationships with influencers who can impact your business.
Get your content aligned with their audiences.
Set aside a budget that allows for testing to see which strategies work best.

Source: Tradedoubler

Expect new features and trends on social media like “live” shopping to start grabbing the attention of marketers.

 8 – Voice Search Means Long Tail SEO Will Be Important

Prediction number eight is one I actually made a couple of years ago and was right to some extent I wasn’t nearly as right. I count this one in the wrong category, but this year we have the data to back this up. I was like, basically two years ahead, voice search is going to dramatically increase. It already is and voice search means that long-tail SEO is going to be important in 2022.

So long-tail SEO, meaning people aren’t searching, especially on voice, because it’s so much easier now with a voice to be like I’m trying to think of something I can’t say it because, I’ll say, Hey Google, instead of, Hey, the Amazon Echo device thing, Hey, Google,

I need a healthy, low-carb keto cheesecake recipe. So that’s healthy keto, cheesecake recipe pretty, it’s not even, that’s not even a good one. Like, Hey, I need a healthy Keto sweet potato because this is why I actually made this recently. I kind of accidentally invented it and it’s so good by the way, I made a keto sweet potato cheesecake, with a pecan crust and know, oh my gosh, it’s so good.

I was meaning to make a sweet potato souffle. I didn’t have enough sweet potatoes. And so I’m like, what if I put cream cheese in it? And then they get kind of like a cheesecake and it was so good,

So if you want the recipe, just email me. I’m happy to give it. I don’t have it dialed in just to be clear, you’re gonna have to experiment like how much Monkfruit do you put in? I don’t know, like a lot, but not too much and you use the golden Monkfruit like brown sugar much cinnamon? I don’t know like some vanilla don’t even know a little bit of vanilla almond milk. Anyway, I have no idea how to make it actually, but I could probably re to repeat it and I’m going to keep experimenting with it. But like, that’s what voice allows us to do.

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So voice search is becoming even more popular. It’s now above-average mainstream. It’s going to make long-tail SEO, even more important.

Google in particular rewards, the use of specific words in synonyms. For instance, if you like how many calories are in chips, right? You’ve got a much better chance of being number one for that exact phrase. Then you do of being even number three for a little bit less specific term and I’d rather be number one for a specific term with a little bit of volume a thousand to 10,000 searches a month, the number five for something that has five times the volume.

So write articles in question and answer format, that’s one of the things that you can do answer questions in a similar way, like go do some searches and see how Google snippets the smart previews, the featured snippets thing.

Just go search, like what is affiliate marketing, and look at the snippets and write things in that style. Look up your terms and then see what Google is suggesting that people are asking related to that and then answer those questions those are gonna replace much higher in the search results, still a gray area voice search, but jump on it now, before it becomes mainstream, then you can dominate the search results. We’re going to have algorithm changes done. We always do. We always do but get in on the voice search trend now so that you’re not missing out on it when it matters in two, three years.

We’ve got some bonus content. I mentioned that ATM report inside of AIM. We’ve got some bonus content in there. We’ve got the top niches for 2022. So in addition to giving AIM members that first look at where I feel that affiliate marketing is headed, I want to do include some of what I think are going to be the hot niches or niches for next year. So those are in that ATM report.

9 – Staying on Top of Trends Will be More Important than Ever

The thing is that this is the bonus prediction for 2022, is that I think staying on top of trends is going to be more important than ever. It was important to be on top of trends this year and five years ago, but it’s going to be more important than ever because it’s changing so fast now.

like who could have predicted the rise of Tik TOK just a few years ago or Parlor or MeWe, I mean, like all those things popped up just last year out of the left field. They just, I mean, grew dramatically, who could have thought that we’d see such a rise in affiliate marketing over the past two years. None of the people five years ago got that right.

They predicted 10% a year. Well, it almost group would be like 30% last year. My predictions for 2017, 18, 19. We’re all right. For 2020, I got the one wrong again, because of COVID this past year, I was right. Again, 36 that I’ve made 34 of them have been true. 2022 is going to be no different.

The reality is affiliate marketing is going through some big changes right now. Not because of COVID, it’s not because of who’s president. Who’s not, it’s not because of politics. It’s not the economy. It’s not because of anything that anyone is doing. It’s not related to lifestyle changes or any of that stuff it’s changing right now because it’s always changing.

That’s what all industries do. All industries change, they innovate, they adapt, they evolve. Like that’s just the world we live in. We have been in that world for two decades. Now it’s ever-changing, right? The speed at which business and life are moving today would absolutely overwhelm our great-grandparents and My grandmother was born in 1910.

She passed away years ago, but I’m saying if she were alive today, oh my gosh. Like she would be blown away by what’s happening. The affiliate marketing world is no different than the rest of the world. It’s constantly changing. So get used to it. There are new marketing strategies or new platforms. There are new laws, there are new rules there’s new everything.

So how do you keep up with it? That’s what our members do. So if you’re an insider in our Affiliate Insider Monthly, you get access to all the latest news, all the latest trends, all the proven strategies that are working right now, this is not like, Hey, what worked two years ago?

I shared this in the last episode, principles remain the same strategies and have to evolve and you do too as a marketer. So go sign up for that trial. It’s a whole dollar and you’ll get access to three full months, December, January, and February. If you don’t like it, then just cancel. I think you’ll like it though.

I think you’re going to love it, as a matter of fact, I think you’re wanting to stay on because you’re not going to want to be the one who misses out on what’s coming in March and April and June and you want to be the first to know the predictions for next year and the hot niches for 2023 and all that stuff.

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So go to Mattmcwillia ms.com/AIMtrial. Get that membership, get that trial membership, check it out and make sure you come back for the next episode, I’m going to be talking about how to start 2022 off the right way. I’ve got some good stuff for you. This new year we’re looking at a new year, it’s a new horizon. It’s a fresh start, there’s it’s a clean slate.

You’ll see, January 1st, it starts new. I mean, I hate to say this, but if you were morbidly obese on December 31st, you’re going to be morbidly obese on January 1st, it’s a clean slate in some regards but not in all right. If you are a hundred thousand dollars in debt at the end of the year, you’re probably going to be $9,991 in debt on January 1st. But you can start the year off right. We can take advantage of these new opportunities. The lessons that I’m gonna share in the next episode, apply all year long.

These are not just for January 1st through 10th. These are not new year’s resolutions. They’re guaranteed to make you happier, healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled. So come back for the next episode, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss it. I’ll see you then.

Thank you so much for listening today. Remember to check out all of our deep dives into affiliate marketing at theaffiliateguy.TV.

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