How to Find Affiliates for a Book Launch (or Any Launch)

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If you’ve ever thought about writing a book…and actually selling it, you need affiliates. The reality is that books, like most products, don’t sell themselves. Most bestsellers have an army of people promoting the book. Today, I’ll show you how to get affiliates for a book launch (or any launch really).

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How to Find Affiliates for a Book Launch (or Any Launch)

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book and actually selling it, you need affiliates. The reality is that like most products, books don’t sell themselves most bestsellers, have an army of people promoting the book. And today I’ll show you how to get affiliates for a book launch or any launch for that matter. So I’m in book mode right now, my brain, like, in addition to our regular stuff that our company’s doing, we’re running numerous launches right now, we bring it on three new team members and all of that.

Like other than that, I am in full-out book mode. I got the first round of edits back from my developmental editor for Turn Your Passions Into Profits, which will be coming out in January of 2023. So I’m going through that. I’m right now in, in kind of make the book better mode, but I’m also thinking about the marketing of the book we’ve already gotten, play half a dozen about upwards of 10 great endorsements people that I admire and want. We’ve got some commitments to promote it for some great people. That’s who we’re going to be talking about today is, promoting the book, using affiliates.

Now, everything we talk about in regards to promoting a book launch really applies to any product launch. There are some nuances that we’ll talk about here in this episode, and we’re actually going to talk about this over the course of four episodes. You got like a whole month, February effectively is going to be, maybe into early March is going to kind of be like book month. And we’re going to talk about, first of all how to find affiliates for your book launch. That’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode.

In the next one, we’re going to talk about how to run an affiliate book launch, and then we’re going to talk about how to use affiliate marketing in a book. So actually how to take that book that, I know I’m making, I don’t mind sharing this. I’m making roughly $3 a book, not a ton of money. How do I add on a buck, a dollar of $52 to each book sale through affiliate marketing? And then in the final episode, I’m going to keep that one, a little bit of a surprise for right now I’ll share more about that later because it’s going to be a good one. I’m going to have an expert on, that’s going to just blow your mind with regards to writing a book, sales, using affiliates for book launches. It’s going to be awesome, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about book launches.

Now there are a couple of reasons for that. Number one, I’ve been talking a lot about my book and I’m in the process of finishing that here we’ll have the final manuscript done in the next couple of months. The first draft has been done for many months. We got my dream publisher, BenBella, I think I mentioned this a few episodes ago, that if you look at my bookshelf, the number one publisher on my bookshelf, if my bookshelf is primarily, you know, entrepreneur and business books is BenBella. And so I’m really excited. I mean, it’s not every day, you get your dream publisher. And I got mine. So I’ve been thinking a lot about books, talking a lot about books. And we just ran a big book launch with Mark Miller for his book, Smart Leadership. And so I’ve just been getting a lot of questions.

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You know, people ask like they’ve written a book, they’re all excited to launch it, but they realize they just don’t have that many people promoting it. So the reality is that you want affiliates for your book launch. The question of course is how do you get them? And that’s what this episode is all about. I’ve been fortunate enough. I mean, I’ve worked on tons of book launches.

Some awesome people, Lewis Howes, Brian Tracy. I just mentioned Mark Miller, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards. We’ve run their book launches. Ran close to a little bit over a dozen. I think I probably went like 14 or 15 book launches over the years. Pete Vargas is another one that comes to mind. And Trevor Blattner, we’ve helped so many people with their book launches. We’ve helped multiple authors achieve a number one bestseller status. Whether it be on Amazon we’ve hit number two on the wall street journal list. We’ve hit number one multiple times on Amazon. I know Jeff Goins’s book, The Real Artists Don’t Starve was number one in multiple categories.

I think today we’ve probably helped the author sell close to 500,000 books, you know, half a million books. So how do you get affiliates involved in your book launch? And again, these principles applied to almost any type of product launch. I’m gonna show you how to do that in this episode. So first I’m going to start with the basics that apply, whether you’re launching a book or a product, and I’m going to get more specific to books in particular as you go along. So the number one thing we do, this is affiliate recruiting 1 0 1 is, look for affiliates who promoted similar books and products. You want to start by looking for people who promoted books that are similar.

You can use Google to do this. Just go to Google. And you know, I don’t think anybody actually goes to Google anymore, but you go up to the top, right? What was that called? Where you type in URLs and search things. I don’t even know what that’s called. I literally have no idea. I’ll have to look that up later. And you type in books that are similar to yours and you find affiliates who promoted those similar books, those similar products.

Again, if you’re doing a product launch, we’ve talked about this before you find people who promoted similar products, then you reach out to those people and ask if they’d be interested in sharing your book with their audience, I’ve got a whole post that shows you how to actually do that.

I’m not going to go through that whole thing. I’ll put a link in the show notes, but basically, you go online. You find those affiliates. We have some affiliate recruiting swipe files that will include the link too. Use those emails that we give you in the affiliate recruiting, swipe files. Use those use the tools that we share in the post.

There are numerous tools. They’re constantly changing. I think in this video, there’s one that I don’t even mention that we now use called Clearbit connect. It’s a Gmail plugin that we use. It’s phenomenal for finding email addresses. You send those potential affiliates and emails and basically ask them if they’re interested in promoting your book. If that’s something that would serve their audience.

Again, you don’t have to write the world’s most perfect email. I’ve got sample emails that you can use in the affiliate recruiting swipe files. Make sure you use those sampling of those that have been tested and split, tested and refined literally over 15 years, we kind of locked them down. About two years ago, we continue to test, but they haven’t gotten any better it took me about 14 or 15 years to kind of figure out exactly what works, the exact language that they are tested and proven to work. And so the other way you can do this is to use Amazon and I call this follow the Amazon rabbit trail. So I’m going to do this literally live.

You can’t see this here on the podcast, but you can picture what I’m doing. I’m going to go to Amazon. I’m going to go to books and I’m going to look up my books. I’m going to look up, actually, I’m going to look up mark Miller’s book Smart Leadership. This is one we recently did, and I’m going to open the book on Amazon and I’m going to scroll down.

I mean, Amazon makes it so easy. Explore similar books, products related to this item. People who bought this also bought. And so I’m going to go up here just to the, explore similar books. Now you could look for similar books by that author because Mark has written like 10 books, but I’m just going to open up.

The advantage is one by Patrick Lindsay on a great book, by the way. Oh my goodness. I love that book. That was a book that really, really, really helped me over the past year. See, because when that book come out, I think it came out about 10 years ago, but I finally listened to it in 2020.

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It was like right in the middle of the pandemic, as the height of the pandemic, summer of 2020, roughly. And I made a conscious choice in 2021 to focus on leadership. You know the basis of the book is why the organization, why your culture and you know, your health of the organization, beats everything else, beats marketing beats, all the stuff.

So anyway, sorry for that rabbit trail there. But speaking of the Amazon rabbit trail, now I’m talking about books that I love. All right. So I look up the advantage and I go find, okay, who promoted the advantage? Now I can go back to the smart leadership book and see, okay, what other books are here? Maybe you know, okay, Great Traction by Gino Wickman and published by Ben Bella. One of my absolute favorite books, all of Gino’s books are amazing. So I can keep following the rabbit trail books. Now from traction, I can go down to products related to this item. People who bought this also bought, right? And now we’re going to go to the business playbook and we’re going to look up people who look their Linkedin Riches by my friend, John Nemo awesome. I’ll have to tell him about that. You know, lead well by Ken Falke. And I’m going to go down that rabbit trail and I’m going to keep finding books going down the Amazon rabbit trail, looking up to see who promoted these books.

The thing is for most of us, you know, if you’re J K Rowling with Harry Potter, you don’t need to do this, but for most of us who maybe aren’t, you know, I have no delusions of grandeur. I’m going to just break the heartbreaking news to myself here. My book’s probably not going to have a quarter of a million pre-orders and we’ll talk about why pre-orders are so important.

The reality is our goal is 25,000 copies. I want to do 25,000 pre-orders and that is a stretch goal. Statistically, if you look at them, what we have, I’m probably going to do in the neighborhood of 16 to 17500, that’s what the numbers look like. And if you look at my advance that I got from the publisher and all of the stuff, that’s pretty much what they’re projecting as well. You know, somewhere in that like 15,000 to 17,500 books, I think it’s more like 16 to 75. So 25 thousand of a stretch goal.

So my point to that is this I don’t necessarily need to be looking at who promoted the biggest books. You know, I don’t need to be looking at the podcast necessarily that might’ve moved four and 5,000 books, although I will try to get on those, I want to look at, you know, who promoted some of these books build a business, not a job, who promoted some of these books that maybe you haven’t heard of, that might’ve only sold 5, 6,000 copies, but 3 or 4,000 of them were sold by affiliates. Those are great books to look at.

And I’m basically going to go down the Amazon rabbit trail. I’m going to go search for that book, see who promoted it. I’m going to probably find anywhere from five to 25 affiliates per book, and I’m going to reach out to them. And the message is essentially going to say it again. We’ve got the copy-paste templates, but it’s essentially going to say, I saw that you were promoted, let me see. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, you know, subject line David Finkel, because he wrote, build a business on a job, you know, Hey Joe, I saw that you promoted to build a business, not a job by David Finkel. When it came out a few years ago, I’ve got a new book called smart, or Mark Miller has a new book called smart leadership. Would you be interested in promoting it? That’s the gist of the message. All right. It’s not the whole message, but you get the idea.

So we’re going to follow that rabbit trail. You can just literally just keep going. And when we do it well I mean, we’ll end up with hundreds of books and thousands of affiliates that we reach out to now, of course, the key is you got to start doing this. Like we’re doing this for my January book launch. We’re doing this now, we are starting this now. If we wait until even June of this year to do it six, seven months out, there’s just no time, can we get a hundred affiliates? Sure. But can I get the 3 or 400 that I want? No, we just won’t have time.

So that’s how you start. Right? I mean, that’s the easiest way because you don’t have to know anybody and Amazon makes it so easy. It’s not like the old days where you had to kind of like be like, okay, go type in the leader. Say the old days, you know, like 10 years ago, you know, you had to go like type in leadership books, like find a bunch of lists. No, I mean literally if all you did, this is really fun.

When you go to the products related to this item often the very first one, let me just go back here and see if it does with this one. Yeah. I mean So of all of these on three of the four, it does this, it lists the book that you just released as the first one. So a just-released book means that somebody is promoting it like right now or weeks ago, a great time to reach out to them versus, Hey, I saw where you promoted this book from nine years ago. You know, in this example, trippy told you Traction came out, which came out about, about 10 years ago as well, but 8, 9, 10 years ago.

So to the advantage, I might not use those as the best examples because a book about nine years ago, Hey, Hey, I saw you interviewed this guy nine years ago. And so that’s not necessarily your best example of something. And so we typically would limit it when we’re doing it. We would limit it to, you know, something in the last four or five years typically. So, you know, I love it. Here is the name of a book, How great leaders create organizations that are people never want to leave. Clint Pulver, no idea who this guy is, but it was published on April 13th, 2021. I want to know who promoted that book if I’m, you know, and that’s one of the ones that we picked for smart leadership. So it just makes sense, right? Amazon makes it so easy to find these books. You just keep going down that rabbit trail.

The second way that you can find affiliates for your books is to ask your friends. You know this is the lowest-hanging fruit. Like these are the people you should reach out to. I started reaching out before I even had a publisher. I think I even, I think I even had a few before I even finished the first draft of the manuscript. And so don’t overlook these people that you know, they’re going to be motivated to make sure your launch goes well because of your relationship with them.

They’re going to promote it because it’s you, you’ll have friends who maybe don’t, they’re not in a niche that is necessarily relevant to your niche, but they’ll promote it anyway. I will have people who are in all kinds of niches that are promoting my book and the message they’re going to be saying is, Hey, I realize this isn’t for all of you, but this guy helped me build my business in the niche that I’m in, you know, fill in the blank. So if you’re interested in starting an online business, this is the guy to learn from, go get the book. Their audience might be in the parenting niche. They might be in the personal growth niche. They might be in the health niche.

They might be in all kinds of niches that have nothing to do with starting an online business, but a percentage of their audience will fit. And so they’re going to promote the book because it’s me. And maybe I’m some of these are coaching clients and things like that are just friends. They’re going to promote it because it’s me not because they necessarily think it’s the perfect thing for everyone in their audience.

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They’re going to make a ton of money. But if somebody like that can move 30 to 50 bucks times, you know, 30 to 50 of those people, that’s an extra 900 to 2,500. You know, we’re talking an extra couple thousand books from people that aren’t even in my niche. That’s a pretty big deal.

The third thing you can do is ask your list. Now I have a list of people who, you know, most of you are affiliates. So when I say to you, Hey, do you want to promote the book? Well, you know, there’s a pretty well like a one-to-one correlation there. Right? Makes a lot of sense. What if you don’t have a list of affiliates, right? It doesn’t matter, you know, ask the people on your email list that follow you on social media. If they’d like to be a part of your book launch team an affiliate program for a book is basically a book launch team on steroids. All right. It gives them a chance to earn a commission for helping to get the word out about your book.

Those that follow you will jump at the chance to help you share your book and earn some money as an affiliate. And so with those, you know, when you’re on the book launch team, what we recommend is that they buy the book, they leave a review and they promote it. And we kind of separate those first two things from the third thing, in terms of expectations. Like if you’re on the book launch team, there’s no expectation you’re going to promote it. But if you want to, you can also be an affiliate and promote the book.

There are tons of other places to find affiliates for a book launch product launch. Doesn’t matter again, all of the principles you can do that with the Amazon thing, do that with a product launch, you have a product that’s in the leadership space, we’ll go look up five books in the leadership phase, find out who promoted those books, and go ask them to be an affiliate for your product. And one of the ways you can do it, there’s odds are your product costs substantially more.

If you have a course, it costs substantially more than 15, $20 book. So you can talk about that. Like, Hey, it looks like you promoted this book. I have a course that’s much deeper. And you know, it’s a thousand dollars, a $2,000. You’re gonna earn, 500 to 1000 dollars in commissions and you can position it that way but there are tons of other places to find affiliates. If you probably heard me mentioned before, but my free report, your first 100 affiliates, I’ve got 15 places in there to find affiliates. I just go to You can download that report. I’ll put that link in the show notes as well.

All right. So what are the specifics because asking your friends, asking your list, you know, even the Amazon and going to Google and typing in your competitors, those all work for everything. What are some of the specifics you need to do with book launches, but things want to talk about now, don’t seem like they’re initially about getting affiliates, but they impact getting affiliates so much that I want to talk about them in this episode because if you don’t do these things, you’re not going to get the affiliates. And then we’re going to talk about the specifics of running the affiliate side of the book launch in the next episode.

So some of these, kind of blur the line between, you know, the front end getting affiliates and then the actual executing of the launch. But you’ll see what I’m talking about as I talk about these, because you’re not going to, you’re just not going to get affiliates. If you don’t do these things, the number one thing you have to do is to set up a backend offer in order to actually get affiliates, to promote your book launch, you have to have a backend offer that’s reasonably priced and therefore makes them a reasonable a decent commission, right? It could be a price point as low as $97.

It could be 197 upwards of 497 reasons is the affiliate don’t really make anything on the book. You know, when affiliates promote, say a free plus shipping offer or an offer where we’re selling the book directly through our website, we’re selling the book for free plus shipping. usually 799 to 999 for the shipping. You know, when it costs about 750 to nine bucks to mail the thing, you’re not making a commission as an affiliate. Even if we sell the book directly at 17 bucks, the is taking 11 of the hat or 12 that you’re not making anything as an affiliate. So we need to offer something on the backend as a part of the funnel.

This is how affiliates actually get paid in a book launch. So on a free plus shipping offer, they’ll go to the site, they’ll enter their information, they’ll pay the shipping. And then it’ll immediately go into a funnel. Typically, what we’ll do is something that, you know, maybe a workbook, your workbooks were great. Some sort of an audio course or a video course works great, checklist. Things that make the book easy to implement faster and easier to implement a journal could work great, a field guide, you know, something we did with Mark Miller, a quick start guide. It could be things like that. And then it’ll get progressively more. So might have you were from a three, you know, so the book would be the first step and then two more steps to a four-step fourth step offer just depending upon what they’re interested in. So we set that funnel up and then we pay 50% commissions on everything in that funnel.

So think of the book as a, as low ticket paid lead magnet, rather than having a free PDF or a free video free webinar. It’s a seven to $15 lead magnet. And it’s easy to do when you’re controlling the flow. So a free plus shipping offer where you’re selling all the books through your site, that’s easy. You can still do this as we do with Mark Miller and a few. And I know he did this with Brian Tracy. I think we did this with Jeff Goins’s second book that we did, if I’m not mistaken where you purchase the book on say, Amazon is where most people go, but there’s usually we’ll put links to like Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million on there as well.

You purchase the book, then come back to the site to enter your order number and email address to redeem your bonuses. This is the, we didn’t get into this, but this is the big thing. What’s the urgency to buy the book.

You know what, what’s the urgency to actually purchase the book. And we’ll talk about this in the next episode where we talk about the importance of pre-orders and you know, and all that, but they enter their order number and their email address to claim the pre-order bonuses. And then it goes into the funnel. So it works either way.

Number one, you want to set up a backend offer. Number two, you want to drive traffic to an opt-in page. Okay. So when someone clicks the affiliate link, they’re sent to an opt-in page, they then opt-in to get access to the book, whether it’s a free book, a discounted book, or an early offer with bonuses, affiliates are driving traffic to a page, right? So like with Jeff Goins his book, for instance, you know, it said pre-order real artists, don’t starve and you’ll receive. And the bonuses were like a 12 part video course PDF downloads of all the interviews and the book access to a private Facebook group. When they click the button and it pops up and asks for their name and email address, then it takes them to the payment page.

This allows you to follow up with them if they don’t complete their order and that’s key. And so again, we want that to where they, we want them driving the traffic to. Now, if you’re not doing that, if you’re driving them to a page where they go to Amazon to buy and then come back to redeem itthat works as well. You know, effectively, it’s what I just said. You drive them to that page. They leave, they go to Amazon, but they have to come back to enter their order number in an email to claim their bonuses. So effectively it operates as, an opt-in page.

The third thing that you have to do, and is again how you track the affiliates. You got to have that upsell and you gotta pay a solid commission. You want an offer, a first offer. I used to see 7%. You want to convert at least 7%. We’ve actually found we’re getting much better. You know, we’re getting close to 10%, you know, 11% on, you know, with some of our offers you in 12% on a few, you want to convert at least 10% of the people who purchased the book into the first higher-priced offer. You then want to convert roughly 20%, one in five of them into the next offer. So if you do the math on that, let’s just say the book is, let’s say you do a free plus shipping and you charge 999.

So 10 bucks, basically for the shipping and just using nice round math, you should convert anywhere from 25 to 40% of the visitors to the page. So if an affiliate, a hundred people and you convert, we’ll just go with 40, for nice round number, convert, 40 people have them do a paid purchase of the book. We should then convert four of them into roughly a $100 offer, which we’re going to do a generous 50% commission. We’re not going to try to skimp and do 40 on a book launch. So they should convert four people into that. Now, what’s 20% of four. It’s technically less than one, but let’s just go with one. We should convert one of them into the purchase of whatever. The next highest thing is probably, you know, 297 to 497.

If they can drive a thousand people, so, you know, 350 bucks, we get roughly 40 of them ish into the first offer. And you know, eight to 10 of them into the higher-priced offer. The affiliates can make some good money, but they’re only, this is the attraction. They only have to sell a book.

You know, most people, most people that are on email lists that are getting promoted to whether it be in the entrepreneur space, the business space, the personal growth space, the gardening space, most people that go out of their way to subscribe to something and read blogs, have bookshelves in their home. Okay? Most people have tons of books on their bookshelf that they’ve never even read my point saying that is the 10 to $15 $17 purchase of a book is a very low barrier for most people on your list. No matter what niche you’re in, we’re not talking about a $1000 course or a $2,000 course.

So the barrier is really low. You don’t have to sell real hard. You don’t have to write long-form copy and convince them to buy the book. We like to feel it, the landing page for smart leadership. There are probably less than a thousand words on that page. Most of it’s testimonials, it’s mostly bullet points, headlines and pictures. Why? Because it’s 17 $18 purchase. I don’t have to convince you to pay 17 or 18 bucks. You know, this is not monumentally life-changing, it could change your life.

That book could change your life. If you read it, you know, just as an example, but the purchase price is not, life-changing like a $2,000 course. I don’t know what the average American makes per hour, but I know it’s more than 15 bucks, you know, and definitely, more than 10, whereas a $2,000, you know, purchase for many people is roughly, you know, half their weekly or no, that’s like their entire weekly income. I was like almost half of their monthly income. You know, it’s, it’s a week. It’s more than a week’s income for most people. It’s, you know, they have to work for seven days to earn that money versus maybe a half hour to buy a book.

And so you get to promote as an affiliate, a low ticket offer that can have a huge impact. You know, my books tend to run about 280 pages. It’s 280 pages of 17 years of lessons. I mean, for 15 to 20 bucks, that’s crazy. Right? And that’s the advantage. So the thing is you want to have those solid commissions on the backend so they can actually earn a lot of money.

And then the fourth thing you want to do is make your commissions long. When you’re doing a book launch, do not be cheap on cookie links. All right, this is not where you go. 30 days, 90 days, one year or lifetime. If you’re going to go one year, just go lifetime,…just go a lifetime. When you offer a lifetime cookie, it’s a great way to promote, you know, your affiliate program, right? You, you say, Hey, we have a lifetime cookie sounds a lot better than anything, even a one-year cookie, because here’s the deal, 95% of all the purchases that are ever made are going to be made within a year anyway, 90% are going to be made within 90 days.

But I mean, think about how much more attractive saying we offer a lifetime cookie versus a 90 day. Cookie sounds. It sounds like you’re being cheap. When you say 90 days you’re trying to keep me from earning money. Like I’m promoting your, your cheat book because it is, I mean, again, anything under 20 bucks to me is cheap.

You know, I’m not saying the value’s cheap, but the cost is cheap. And so I’m promoting your cheat book. You can’t even just give me a lifetime cookie. This allows affiliates who promoted your book launch, and maybe didn’t make a lot of money, make some money on the backend. Also as an affiliate manager, somebody who’s running your affiliate program, the advantage for you is they promoted your 10, 15, $20 book two years ago, they’re still making money. Now that means you’re still paying them now, which means you’re still reaching out to them every month with an email. I talk about this like 25 episodes ago, you reach out to them with an email and say,

Hey, Hey, Frank, just want to let you know, just sent you another $317 in affiliate commissions. By the way, our big launch is coming up in three months. Do you want to be a part of it? And what better time to ask somebody to join you to promote you than when you just gave them money? Pretty, pretty big deal, pretty big deal, right? So make sure that you give that lifetime cookie. If you, for some reason, really don’t want to do a lifetime, at least go one year. But again, you’re going to give up an extra three to 7% in sales to be able to say lifetime, if that gets you one decent-sized affiliate who otherwise wouldn’t promote you, it was worth it. It was worth it.

And I promise you it is worth it. I promise you in the long run, it’s worth offering a lifetime commission that’s in general. So did you just do it? Don’t question it, just do it. I got a ton of resources for you today. I’m violating all of my marketing roles by offering you a bunch of links here.

They’re all going to be in the show notes already talked about, your first 100 affiliates report. Make sure you go download that. I’ve also got specific training for authors affiliate marketing for authors. I talk about how to execute an affiliate book, everything that we talked about today, how to promote book launches is something we won’t really talk about too much on this series.

I don’t think, but how to actually promote book launches and how to promote affiliate offers inside of your book. If we are going to talk about it in an upcoming episode, but I’ve got more detail in this, these training videos. If you just go to Mattmcwilliams dot com forward slash authors, you can download all of them. All right?

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All of the stuff in there, it’s all of my best thinking on affiliate marketing for authors, probably going to turn this into a paid course. We’re probably sometime middle of this year. As we get ready for our book launch, we’re probably going to turn this into a course, so I’d go get it now. And that’s not me like doing the whole marketing ploy thing.

I’m just saying we’re probably going to pull it from free and turn it into more. You know, these videos are a couple of years old and we’re probably going to spruce it up, make it a lot of fans here and charge like 300 bucks for it. So go get it while it’s free and a little bit less fancy. And then also if you want it behind the scenes, look, I mentioned, Jeff Goins’s launch The Real Artists Don’t Starve book launch. This is like five years ago, but I did a recap, a private recap of that. And if you want to get access to that, if you just go to So real artists don’t starve, radsarecap.

Again, that’s in the show notes. You can download that or watch that video pretty cool. Little behind-the-scenes look that we did as a team about what that book launch looked like. So if you want to know all the nitty-gritty dirty stuff, go check that out. And then I mentioned earlier, the affiliate recruiting swipe files, we’ll put a link in the show notes as well, and that post on how to recruit new affiliates that you don’t even know.

Go look those, you know, just go grab those, those swipe files and use those swipe files to reach out to prospective affiliates. So with that, we’ll wrap up here. Make sure you grab all of those. Again, all the links in the show notes, come back for the next episode.

Make sure you hit subscribe because you don’t want to miss these upcoming episodes. The next one is going to be all about how to run an affiliate book on. So you got the affiliates, you got kind of these foundational things set up. Like we talked about here now, what do you do now? What do you do? We’re going to talk about that, talk about what you know about the actual book launch itself, timelines, the specifics about what to do with your affiliates. So that’s coming up in the next step. So make sure you hit subscribe. If you know somebody who can benefit from this, you’ve got a friend of yours. Who’s an author. Their book’s coming out in a few months or you know, a year from now. Go tell them about this episode. Tell him about the series, tell them to subscribe. If nothing else, just listen to the next four episodes because they don’t want to miss those. All right. See you in the next episode.


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