Announcement: WHSR Gives Cloudways 5 Stars!

Affiliate Marketing Rates Cloudways 5.0/5.0!

Cloudways has consistently been recognized for providing a smooth, streamlined managed cloud hosting service to its clients. In that vein, WebHostingSecretRevealed recently rated us a cool 5 stars on their site!

What’s WebHostingSecretRevealed (WHSR)?

Established in May 2008, WebHostingSecretRevealed began with founder Jerry Low sharing his experiences regarding hosting providers through simple blogs. In the 18 years since then, the team at WHSR has grown by leaps and bounds to become a highly trusted reviewer of hosting providers.

In 2019, they built an automated system to constantly monitor web server performance from test nodes at 10 locations around the world. Their rating system offers a much higher degree of accuracy and reliability compared to traditional review methods.

What Do They Have to Say About Cloudways?

Jerry Low tested out Cloudways using the Digital Ocean server, and said this:

Cloudways is ideal for SaaS providers, start-ups, developers, or businesses that need more than just an informational website. The flexibility of scale in terms of both server power and data transfer is invaluable for elastic sites that demand agility.

WebHostingSecretRevealed Rates Cloudways 4.8/5.0!

WebHostingSecretRevealed Rates Cloudways 4.8/5.0!
Read the full review HERE.

Jerry listed Cloudways’ “impressive performance”, integrated dashboard, powerful add-ons and easy scalability as some of the Platform’s pros. He concluded Cloudways was perfect for developers, SaaS providers, and businesses operating complex websites.

Thanks for the Review, WHSR!

At Cloudways, we’re constantly improving our services for our customers, so it’s definitely validating to hear positive feedback from the community! At the same time, we’re committed to listening to what you need from our Platform – sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think of our services!

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