Domain Redirect Traffic vs Traditional Ads

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March 30, 2022 – 3 min read

What is Domain Redirect Traffic?

When using this promotion method, you redirect the target user from a parked domain to the advertiser’s landing page. A redirect occurs when the user incorrectly types the brand name or query in the search bar.

In this case, the redirect happens immediately, which is why the user doesn’t notice they visited a parked domain. As a result, you get a warmed-up lead.

Traffic generated this way is also called zero-click, since the user does not click once to go to the offer page.

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is one of the key elements of the zero-click traffic model. With its help, you can quickly redirect the user to the advertiser’s landing.

domain redirect traffic from parked domains

domain redirect traffic from parked domains

A parked domain is a domain that is not tied to an actual website. In other words, it is a domain name purchased for future use. Meaning you don’t need a website to drive domain traffic.

The entire mechanism of domain traffic redirection is tied to the mistakes that users make when entering search queries. That’s what is used to pick out parked domain URLs.
Most often, these mistakes are made:

  • When typing the names of large brands (eBay, Reebok, Amazon).
  • Popular queries.
  • Addresses of popular websites.

But to generate domain traffic, you will need several dozen parked domains with well-chosen names. As well as precisely knowing how to set up redirects between domains.

The Zero-click Traffic Generation Process

A step by step description of the zero-click mechanism:

  1. The user makes a mistake when entering the name of a well-known brand in the search bar. After which they are redirected to a parked domain
  2. The ad network system analyzes the user’s data and based on the findings selects offers that are most relevant to the entered query, the person’s interests, GEO and demographic indicators.
  3. An advertiser who wants to show the user their offer on the landing page makes a bid.
  4. The moment the wrong URL is displayed in the address bar of the browser or search engine, and the user presses Enter, Real-Time Bidding occurs.
  5. The advertising network redirects the user to the offer’s landing page based on the bidding results, targeting settings, and user parameters.
  6. The owner of the parked domain receives payment as soon as the user is shown the offer.

test domain

test domain

Advantages of Using Domain Redirect Traffic

Compared to traditional advertising channels, domain redirect traffic has several advantages:

  • The users getting redirected to the landing are already warmed up.
  • Users are not distracted by ads, and instead are immediately sent to the landing page.
  • Invisible transition to the offer – the advertising network ensures the target lead is smoothly redirected to the landing page, which improves the user experience.
  • Better GEO coverage – domain traffic is generated by users from different countries.
  • The source of a high-quality target audience – in RichAds, all traffic, depending on the conversion rate, is divided into 4 categories. Over 80% of the domain traffic generated belongs to the premium segment.
  • It provides a higher conversion rate.

The zero-click method in essence is similar to pops ads. But at the same time, it’s completely different:

  • It’s a natural extension of the chain of user actions – after entering a request, the lead receives a relevant promotional offer.
  • Higher cost – for example, in the RichAds ad network, redirected domain traffic costs at least $1.5 per 1k impressions, while Popunders – at least $0.5.
  • It’s a source of a highly targeted audience, making its use for promotion purposes cheaper.

How Much Does Domain Redirect Traffic Cost?

Domain traffic is monetized via the CPM model. Compared to other promotion methods, zero-click traffic costs 2-3 times more.
Still, domain traffic can boast better KPIs. And the target audience that it generates isn’t affected by banner blindness. It also has the best CR – 10 times higher than Popunders.

Which Niches are Best for Domain Traffic?

It’s most effective to use domain traffic to promote gambling, betting, and cryptocurrency offers.

best niches for domain traffic

best niches for domain traffic

Recommendations for Using Zero-click Traffic

To increase the effectiveness of domain traffic redirects, RichAds experts recommend you stick to the following rules:

  • Launch separate campaigns for domain and pop traffic.
  • In the initial stages, test as many GEOs as possible.
  • Use postback-based trackers to assess your campaigns’ performance.
  • Use all the bid optimization tools and strategies provided by the ad network.

Domain traffic is one of the few sources of a quality target audience with such high conversion rates. So don’t miss this unique opportunity to test out the potential of zero-click traffic in field conditions.

Just register at RichAds and launch your first domain traffic campaign (write to your manager to get private access to the new source).


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