Best Email Marketing Services for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing
Best Email Marketing Services for Affiliate Marketers

“Is email marketing dead?” has been asked around the internet often enough that various articles have popped up from to to tell everyone that, no, email marketing isn’t dead.

Affiliate marketers know the real deal. Email marketing is still generating income for marketers as this Statista survey proves. It remains a powerful marketing tool that both marketers and businesses use to promote directly to their customer base.

While businesses can have their pick of which email marketing service to go with, affiliate marketers will have to be a tad picky. Not all email marketing services allow affiliate marketing on their grounds; some ban it outright.

Instead of looking at the email marketing services that do not allow affiliate marketing, let’s look at the ones that do. Below are the most recommended email marketing services for affiliate marketers.

The Best Email Marketing Service 

The “best email marketing service” award goes to whichever one you decide is the best for YOU.

At the end of every list is the inevitable Yes or No.

In this particular list, we looked at email marketing services for affiliate marketers. There is not a lot to choose from, but still the question that remains is: Which one do you opt in to?

Key factors that you should look at are:


You’d want the best value for your money, of course. There are email marketing services that offer their service for free up to a certain number of emails or subscribers. If you are just starting to build your list, then this is a great start. The free plans tend to be limited so you don’t really get to try out the best features, but again, if you are new and just starting to build your list, then the free plans may be the best.

Be sure not to limit yourself to free plans. Continue to check out what the email marketing service has to offer on its paid plans. Shop around before your list grows any further.


Once you do have a sizable subscriber list, jumping from one email marketing service to another can present a problem. You’d want an email marketing service that allows you to import subscriber lists and newsletters, and not all email marketing services offer that.

Other key features to look for are:

Marketing Automation.

What do you send to subscribers who opted out of your list? How about subscribers who are yet to make a purchase? Do you immediately send out a hard sell mail to a subscriber who just signed up, or a nice, little welcome email?

Marketing automation helps you send out appropriate emails to specific segments of your subscriber list.

This is a staple for most email marketing services, but the level of automation and the triggers you can use vary from one to another.

Analytics and Reporting.

You’d find this feature on all email marketing services, but it is not the same across the board. Some offer simple, easy-to-read reports while others provide a more in-depth look at how your email marketing campaign is doing.

At the very least, your email marketing service should be able to give you information on the open rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate.


Affiliate marketers have plenty enough to do without yet another dashboard to learn to navigate. With all of the features these email marketing services offer, it’s equally important that they are in an interface that is easy to navigate and access.


At some point or other, particularly if you are moving from one email marketing service to another, you will run into issues. A responsive support staff is therefore essential.

Thankfully, there are plenty of reviews out there apart from this one to give you feedback on these email marketing services. Be sure to check them out, too. 

We are not going to give you which one we think is “the best” because we do not subscribe to the thinking that there is a one and only service that will cater to everyone. At the end of the day, it’s your investment and therefore, your choice which one is best for you.


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